Friday, 8 July 2016

Why newbies are crazy about Delhi University?

I remember that a year ago I was the part of this mad rush wholeheartedly. Fortunately, I didn’t have to melt in the heat much as I had a decent percentage and got in a good college in the second cut-off. But now with the luxury of hindsight, I wonder WHY?


Delhi University is one of those prestigious institutions where who’s who has studied. That sure is the part of the campus’s USP. Also, it has the advantage of being located in the NCT where it attracts good media coverage.


Well, all sorts of people flock to DU, be it nerdish or fashionistas you’ll find all packed in a classroom. And those who are not in either category are too in abundance. Best (and worst) people from entire country come to savour the charm of studying in a famous university and that too in the capital!


Most of the colleges have regular classes, though that depends on innumerable factors. A majority of candidates are serious and avail a whole host of opportunities available be it academic or extracurricular activities. Getting internships, decent placements, notes, and guidance for future preparation all is rather a cakewalk if you find the right company.


In North Campus especially, students have a good time hanging out together. That pays out as fests (academic or fun), competitions, and collaboration between colleges, departments, students and professors. These multilateral engagements are beneficial for continuously attracting talent.

Though I am not in a college that can boast of an active campus, I still am satisfied with what it offers. DU may be one those places to aim for but as an insider let me reveal: there is nothing extraordinary and unique about it. After all “there is no secret ingredient, it's just you”.

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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