Friday, 29 July 2016

Why is the World going Gaga over POKEMON GO?

I’m pretty sure that most of us are similar to one another, you’ll be wondering how? Let me tell you that ALL OF US no matter what age or gender we are, we all absolutely hate exercising, going on a regular walk is something we’ll do only if someone promises us to give a billion dollar! Exaggerating am I? Maybe a little, but I know that unless our doctor gives us a serious advice to go for a walk daily we never tend to take such a drastic step!As difficult as it can be, but a sudden change has occurred these days. Well, I have witnessed a lot more people simply walking down the aisle, by now you might have got a clue about what I’m talking. Unless you live under a particularly dense rock, you'll certainly know about an unprecedented phenomenon taking over the globe; Niantic's smash hit mobile game, Pokémon Go.

Though it is yet to be launched officially in India, still the APK file is available,thanks to the techy minds of the country. This game has not only given a 360 degree turn to its inventor’s life but also is a reason behind a major flip in our day to day life. Unlike the other games which you can play sticking to your chair this game requires to walk around in search of some eerie animated creatures which by the way have been a part of the lives of every kid since long ago. The very famous cartoon Pokémon which already had a special place in every child’s heart, with the launch of this game the craze has even increased gradually.

In this game, the player has to follow the directions and walk, walk and walk in the search of these Pokémons. It’s crazy to witness people of all age going insane for this game, a teenager, a grown up everybody who has played this just once has totally got addicted to it. Kudos to the developer who has made the world active once again. Once a lazy world is now running back and forth just to catch the Pokémon on their phones.

As far as I’m concerned this game is secretly getting us to exercise. Look, how it has woken up the entire world already. It seems JOHN HANKE, the creator of this magnificent thing took the quote “FUN WITH EXERCISE” very seriously and has apparently helped the world to put on their dancing shoes and have fun while building up a good immune!

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer, Amateurly a Writer

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