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Why every Movie lover should watch THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING

This is James Marsh’s directorial venture on the biography of the noted physicist Stephen Hawking. The production is the proof of the tremendous research done by the director and the screenplay writer Anthony McCarten. In fact, the deep study and meeting Stephen Hawking have borne fruits for the lead artist Eddie Redmayne. The best actor award Oscars was his for the taking. Felicity Jones who has shown her mettle in her portrayal plays the role of his mate Jane.

This film is laced with romance and the love story of Hawking where the viewer keeps expecting more on the science theories as projected by Hawking. However, the conflict of God versus science is shown in the beginning when hawking starts dating Jane. Felicity shows her strength of expression in the opening scene and they grow in stature by leaps and bounds because love meant everything to her. The gleam in her eyes reveals that she will show God above Hawking’s science.

Hawking is struck by a motor neurone disease that progressively aggravates to erode the cells to erode the muscular motor movements. Only the brain can remain unaffected. The doctor, must pathetically, announces a mere two years time for hawking. He is shattered and yet continues with his study and presentation on his theory that, the Universe must die and with it, its God. He moves further in the study of black holes and his works are noticed by his mentor at the Cambridge. The viewer gets a glimpse of the science lab where noted scientists of the part had experimented.

Hawking decided to avoid Jane but she is determined and the interludes where she tells that the two years of life span can be celebrated and thus they marry. Some intense emotional scenes show the effervescence in the eyes of the two characters. The disease struck hawking shines with his performance. The role is a demanding one and his portrayal matches the zeal of the acting spirit of Eddie Redmayne beyond all measure. The numerous accolades, nominations and the awards speak for all this. It is a cinematic delight, just like the fireworks when they went dating.

They become parents and the title of Doctorate is conferred on him but his health deteriorates. Jane becomes frustrated and on her mother’s suggestion, she joined the church choir to recommence her singing. This provides the script with the entry of the widowed person Jonathan who gains entry in their house as a piano teacher and becomes more than a friend and a help. Jane and Jonathan come close and Stephen senses something.

However, Mr and Mrs Hawking go to Bordeaux for a concert where he falls ill with pneumonia and the doctor is not hopeful at all. Jane sticks to her determination and wants a tracheotomy, which will deprive him of speech forever. He recovers and Elaine played by Maxine Peake as the highly trained nurse enters the scene. Using the spell board communication is easy and a new device, which translates written speech into articulation, helps everyone. “The Brief History of Time” is written by him and is a runaway success bursting all charts. This brings hawking and Elaine close. Jane reveals her feelings for Jonathan and in an emotionally charged scene, the decision to part ways moves the audience. The scene shows the superior performance and the audience is in raptures. It reminds the viewers when Hawking reminds Jane that the doctor had had granted only two years when so many had passed. Thus, hawking part ways and he proceeds to America with Elaine, who loves him.

The final scene is too much when on a delicate question on the existence of God, Hawking sees a pen falling down and he wants to get up but is unable. He then perhaps gets his own answer. He goes on to conclude about the human endeavour and hope, much to the applause of the esteemed audience.

A superb film that received accolades and awards alike. The Box-Office was not lagging behind either. Over 70 million dollars grossed, this film deserves a definite view by every film lover and film critic.

Written by Sukanya Roy
Artist, Critic, Writer, Photographer, Movie buff, Graphic Designer, Literature and Geography enthusiast, Soccer fan, and Imaginative.

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