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Why can FRIENDS be called The Best Sitcom Ever?

It happens to almost all of us, that we watch a certain movie or a television series and imagine what would happen if our lives were like the characters of that story.And if this has never happened to you, all you need to do is to watch the NBC sitcom Friends. 

Based on the life of six friends, Friends is a story that will take you through the entire journey of your life.

It will make you a laugh( a lot as a matter of fact),and at the same time it will surprise you, it will make you cry and most importantly,it will make you realize the importance of the beautiful memories that you have shared with your friends.

First airing in 1994 on the American Television,the show was one of it’s kind .It was acclaimed widely, and very soon developed a huge fan base, not only in U.S.A., but also in other major parts of the world.

The show contains all the elements that are needed for any sitcom to be successful.It is a perfect blend of stories of romance,comedy, breakups and the never ending tale of friendship.

Time and again, the show has proved its worth. From each of it’s actors and the actresses (Except Courtney Cox)being nominated for the Emmy Awards in American television, and most of them winning it for their brilliant performances, the show won an award for the best sitcom on television in 1998.

Friends is great, not for one , but many reasons. It is known to be the only sitcom in the history of all television series to have an ‘ensemble cast’ in true sense, given the fact that the makers have put in special efforts to ensure that each one of the six main characters get equal screen presence,dialogues and comedy sequences.The cast members became such good friends even in real life that they negotiated equal salaries for each one of them and even insisted on entering in for all the awards together,thus setting an example for everyone else in the industry.Secondly,it is always appreciated because of the fact that it talks about serious social issues, all the time , but the approach is comical. It not only entertains, it also makes you understand the importance of all the problems.

When it started airing, friends was criticized as some people thought it be too ahead of time as it openly discussed some of the taboos of the society. But eventually, people started accepting it for what it was. The show continued on a long path to success, before coming to an end after ten seasons and 236 episodes in 2004. The greatness of this sitcom can be understood by the fact that with 52.6 million viewers recorded for the final episode, the show is known to be the fourth most widely seen series in the history of American Television. Even after twelve years, fans crave for a reunion of the cast, in the form of a sequel or a new season. The show even has continuous reruns even today.

In the end,  just one thing. If you have not seen friends, you need to see it right away. And then like it’s theme song says “ I’ll be there for you”, the show will be there for you forever.

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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