Friday, 22 July 2016

Why are Indian audiences excited about the Star Trek - Beyond?

Star Trek - Beyond is a science fiction action film, the 13th one in The Star Trek Film Franchise, set to be released in India on 22nd July 2016, the film is being directed by Justin Lin. Seeing the love and the excitement about the Star Trek series in India, the film makers have taken the movie promotion  quite seriously here as well. As it can be seen from the poster exclusively for India, the Starship is seen above the Iconic Landmarks of Mumbai - Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal hotel.

Also, there is a unique remote-controlled spaceship activation event at a Mall in Mumbai. As it can seen from the pic, it is definitely a delight to watch and people, particularly kids are having a great time. Young audiences in general, are quite anxious to watch this movie as this one is speculated to be an enhanced version of the series and has been elevated to an all new level. Hollywood lovers in India would certainly not afford to miss this.

Justin Lin, the Taiwanese-American film director needs no introduction. His films have grossed more than $2 Billion worldwide. He was key reason behind the sudden increase in the popularity of The Fast & Furious series when he took up the role of the director from the 3rd film of the series. Other notable masterpieces by Justin include the Better Luck Tomorrow and the television series True Detective. So we definitely expect the best from the movie if he is the man behind Star Trek Beyond. Some people also address Justin as the Hollywood's Secret Weapon.

Star Trek Beyond has received a  phenomenal response from the critics abroad and in India. Rotten Tomatoes, Variety, Metacritic and IMDB, all of them have positive reviews about this movie. There is a general positive sentiment about this movie that this is certainly the best one of this series till date. It has the best possible graphics and animations adding to the delight of the Sci-Fi movie lovers out there.

Looking at the trailer of the movie and seeing the response from the people who have watched it, it certainly appears to be a must watch this weekend. People who have followed the entire Star Trek series have found a new benchmark of comparison, and the pleasant element of surprise is the emotional connection among the crew of the Starship and increased focus on human feelings.


Written by Rohit Jha

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