Saturday, 23 July 2016

Who will be India's Most Loved CEO?

I came across a unique contest on twitter by with the hashtag #IndiasMostLovedCEO, the first question that came to my mind was, who would be this CEO? The next thing I thought was, are they referring to some real person or an imaginary character. There could be numerous possibilities regarding this contest. Are they considering only corporate honchos or leaders from other streams as well. Moreover, what is the theme behind running such a contest?

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Given the fact that CEO's are hard task-masters and often have to take tough decisions, I wonder can CEO's ever be loved ? They are always at the top of any organizational hierarchy, do the employees know them enough to adore or love them? Whatever aggressive targets come to the employees, they are passed from the CEO eventually to the individual team members. CEO's usually have a strict image in front of their employees, under such circumstances, it gets difficult to imagine whether employees would admire their CEO's?

Let me ask you, would you nominate your CEO for this prestigious contest? Well, you may think, what is the benefit that you get out of this. So, remember those small incidences in your office, when a small appreciation by your CEO in front of your colleagues, made your day fabulous. Forget about appreciations, there may have been incidences when you might have been tensed or stressed out, and some simple tips or suggestions from your CEO would have guided you in the best possible way. So, it is a kind of payback time. CEO's too, are human beings first, and they would certainly love this gesture of appreciation and recognition from you. Keeping aside the brownie points for your next appraisal, there are a lot of prizes to be won from this contest which includes a Moto G, Flipkart vouchers along with a chance to be featured on their website.

Now, talking about the India's most loved CEO, there can be n number of possibilities. It may be CEO's of Indian origin, who have been heading some of the world's best organizations. Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai of Google are some of the Indian names which have gone global. It may also be from the large Indian Conglomerates, Mr. Birla or Mr. Tata. Similarly, the Indian Startup ecosystem has witnessed a lot of young CEO's in the past few years. the Bansal's of Flipkart and many other. It all depends upon your perception and what qualities do you look up to in your leader.

So guys, just nominate your CEO or simply guess who would be the India's most loved CEO, and stand a chance to win awesome prizes and get featured on their website as well.

Written by Rohit Jha

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