Monday, 25 July 2016

Top 5 Bookstagrammers who should be storming your feed !

Being a big unabashed book geek I feel that it is my sacred duty towards ignorant humanity to relish the plentiful bounties of the written word and its aesthetic beauty.

Reading books takes you into another dimension where everything is anything but dull.

The fight sequences, the gut-wrenching monologues, the proclamations of passion, the fierce betrayals and everything in between. The bookish world is where you want to be.

It is an utter pleasure to witness so many dedicated bookworms or booklions as they prefer to be called, not only share reviews and recommendations but also scintillating aesthetics of their current favorite reads.

Here are a few Bookstagrammers without whom we can’t live without:

@5ftinf isn’t all books, all the time like most of these accounts but it is one of my favorite accounts on all of the instagram, run by a British artist who’s best known for her gloriously lit daily shots atop her wooden table. She has an eye for color and old books, and when she does post book shots they’re amazing.

@bookmusings posts beautiful books, flowers, and monthly stacks of what she reads each month. She tends towards the classics and her photos are always beautifully composed.

@booksugar prefers to style her book shots against a plain white background, which makes for striking photos. She features a nice mix of classic and modern reads. (Instagram bio: “Nothing is sweeter than a book – except Colin Firth in a suit.” )

@strandbookstore  features a healthy mix of self-promotion, bookstore shelfies, and general bookish enthusiasm. You’ll wish you were local so you could pop in to all the author events and local meet-ups they have on site and share on instagram.

@inspiredbymaya features books, of course, but lots of pens and journals, too, plus the occasional cityscape.

@silkreads is a Denmark teen who shares books, greenery, and her cats in interestingly-styled photos.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them ou and follow them ASAP.

My personal Instagram handle is  @yamilands  ( it features loads of book aesthetics and even if you aren’t a book lover follow me anyway :-)

Written by Yamini Jaiswal
She spills dreams on paper and hopes to resurrect the power of the written word through artistic expression. An Illustrator for poetry and musings.

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