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The most beautiful Actresses from the Black & White movies

The cinema we watch and appreciate today is an improved and high-tech version of the one our preceding generations got to watch. With a black and white screen narrating the story of the characters and music which we love and appreciate till date, those earlier movies have surely left a mark! Along with that, the actresses of that era were definitely captivating and beautiful beyond words. No one can ever fall short of adjectives to describe those evergreen faces with marvellous features. Even today, exceptional beauties of this decade are compared to them.

Some veteran actresses we can never forget are,

1. Nargis

Born as Fatima Rashid, she was definitely a sight to behold. Her effortless acting fetched her many awards and honours.

She was also a recipient of Urvashi Award, the highest honour that can be conferred on a movie screen in India.

Be it a simple, traditional look or a glamorous one, she pulled them off without any hassle. Entering the industry at a tender age of six, she certainly understood the know-how of industry very well and impressed the audience with her commendable performances and beauty for a long time.

2. Madhubala

No one can deny the grace and magnificence Madhubala possessed. Although she died at the age of 36 due to ventricular septal defect, she managed to leave a mark with her exceptional beauty and acting skills in movies like Mughal-e-Azam.

She was regarded as “The Beauty with Tragedy" and "The Venus of Indian Cinema" captured the attention worldwide. Madhubala appeared in the American magazine Theatre Arts where, in its August 1952 issue, she was featured in an article with a full page photograph under the title: "The Biggest Star in the World - and she's not in Beverly Hills". Suffice to say, her personal struggle and hardship didn’t affect her on-screen persona. Although, she had to bid her stardom goodbye due to her ill health.

3. Nutan

She holds the record of winning six Filmfare awards as the best actress. Her younger sister, Tanuja, too is a part of the film industry. Nutan is known for her noticeable acting skills at a young age of fourteen which is got to showcase with her debut movie, Hamari Beti, produced by her mother, Shobhana.

She was noted for her willingness to play unconventional roles and several of her roles were labelled "path-breaking". listed her as the third-greatest actress of all-time.

Her list of achievements continued even after her death. A postage stamp, bearing her photo, was released to honour her by India’s Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology in February 2011. She was definitely a case of beauty with brains.

4. Meena Kumari

Known for her memorable roles and poems she wrote, under the pseudonym Naaz, Meena Kumari was definitely appealing in every way possible.

She entered the glamorous world at the age of six because her parents wanted her to earn money for the family. After four years of constant work and hustle, she was seen on-screen when she was fourteen and her impact was powerful, to say the least.

That innocent face with defined features was surely alluring. Even now, after so many years, her songs, like Inhi Logo Ne, make a lot of people think of her beauty and innocence.

5. Sadhana

Her haircuts went viral; her dressing style was worshiped by many. She definitely knew how to leave an impact. ‘Sadhana cut’ was her hairstyle which was later taken up by many girls.

Apart from that, she gained popularity for her three suspense thrillers. She entered Bollywood as a Choirgirl in Shree 420 by Raj Kapoor.

Despite the fact that she did not receive any award for her acting skills and successful movies, she made a special place in the hearts of the viewers and, till date, she has successfully maintained that stardom.

Back in those days, neither did they have a large a number of leading beauty brands nor there were any surgeries which could have helped them enhance their features. Maybe that’s why they are considered as classic beauties and acts a meter of judgement for the leading ladies we come across today.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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