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The Insecurities In The Mind Of A 20-Something

Your 20’s are your selfish years. Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones.
When you were a kid, this 20 something era might have appeared way too perfect. So many movies and TV series portrayed it as the most happening time of your life. With a stable job, satisfactory relationships and planned life, this decade was nothing less than ideal when you watched it.

But when the time comes and you officially cross the threshold, reality hits home and those dreamy plans go out of the window before you can even comprehend what’s going on.

It’s the decade of getting things done and sorting your life out. With so many goals and aspirations in mind, it is natural to have certain insecurities. Admonishing yourself for small things and re-tracking your plans over and over are two of the many things that are bound to happen during these years in your life. These are, hands down, the most crucial years and should be dealt with utmost care.

Certain insecurities you might have during this time are:

1. Job

After spending way too much time and money on getting a degree, a job is definitely the next thing you would look for. And that is right, perhaps. But, make no mistake, you might have to start with the lowest position in order to get to the position you wished for. With neck-to-neck competition in the world outside, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and start from the scratch to reach the top. Your hard work will help you and, hence, be harboring insecurities regarding your job will probably hamper your growth.

2. Home

Since you’ve recently started living on your own and you’re paying for it from the salary you’ve earned, it might be impossible for you to have a spacious, accommodating and impressive home. Probably in a few years you’ll get the house of your dreams but till then, your current home will have to do. It is, of course, better than living with your parents because then only you can take full responsibility for yourself. You have stepped out of the cocoon your parents had been building for you since the day you were born. And in order to do that, getting your own small house is definitely a start.

3. What others think about you?

The most hateful things come from others. Their snarky remarks will irk you to no end and these might end up reducing the confidence you’ve been building for quite some time now. What you need to know is that their words will mean an iota to you if you know where you’re going. People will label you and they might not always have positive things to say about you but you can’t let their words rule your life.

4. Serious relationship

After or while getting financially settled, having a long lasting relationship is next on agenda. But if you have not stumbled upon someone who can understand you and your work, it is a futile activity to invest your time and energy with them. Things will come to you eventually. Your relationship might have to wait for another year or so but this should not be the reason you should lose sleep or feel disoriented.

5. Ideal Weekends?

After a hectic week, how you spend your weekend should not give you another headache. If you have no choice but to be alone and watch television, it’s okay. If you’re still in touch with your friends, go out and relax. At times, your financial situation will make those decisions for you (like not going out because you’re running low on money) and that is acceptable, not something to be insecure about.

Things don’t go the way you want them to. With uncertainties and ever changing situations, your plan might suffer, too. Therefore, buckle up and get ready for the roller coaster ride you would possibly experience during your 20 something years. Don’t lose hope and be prepared for anything and everything. One thing you would definitely gain from this ride is wisdom and that is very much essential.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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