Monday, 4 July 2016

The Hype of International Music

It is 2016 as of now and probably the year which has seen a major change in the lifestyle of the people of India. People have started modernising to a much higher level comparatively. As we retrospect we can easily differentiate how well we have moulded in the western culture. And Its fine I believe!

Besides, people here have somehow generated a place for international music too. When we look at the new generation, they are more inclined towards the Hollywood melody. May it be various bands or solo artists; our generation goes drooling over them. The once considered as the loud and scurrilous music is now the first preference. Youngsters are more comfortable or at least pretend to be more with the English music.

But why are people, basically youngsters getting so much attracted towards the foreign music and are day by day losing interest in our own music? I’m not at all saying that Bollywood music is not the first preference in the parties or in various celebrations, of course, no party is complete with the desi dynamic songs but still there can be seen a major flip in the choice of people in a recent time. If you check any stripling’s phone you will certainly find more songs of the Hollywood artists.

We are getting so much lost in Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber that we hardly acknowledge the singers of our country. No offence at all, they definitely make the best kind of music. But is it just that or are we getting driven towards it because we feel it is something very cool and just because we have found something that our peers don't understand, we assume a higher status over them and this I guess is the problem in most metros these days. The youth specifically in the metros consider themselves way more advanced and westernised than the other, they find themselves superior.

We somewhere down the line have started admitting that music defines a persons’ personality. The type of music one hears can give us a vague idea of what type of person they might be. The ones listening to hip hop rap EDM and country consider their music as more modern and a bit high class I guess. They may look down upon those listening to Hindi songs because in India speaking English is considered a privilege. And listening to English Songs even further makes u feel above the rest in a meagre sort of way.But isn’t it crazy? That we have started judging people on such type of aspects.

“If you are not an avid follower of Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Maroon 5 you are not doing it right man” Are the words we frequently hear nowadays. So, getting influenced by the western music is weakening the regional and Hindi songs or is it mere a misconception?

I believe it is not bad to have a corner for the international music it is so good after all, but we should definitely not make it as a benchmark to test someone’s coolness and stature and don’t sidekick the Hindi music too it is “OURS” after all!

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer, Amateurly a Writer

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