Friday, 1 July 2016

Is ANIME the new fad?

Manga, computer originated or hand drawn cartoons are in vogue. Although originated in Japan, they have taken the entire world by storm. The USP- many genres, captivating storyline and medium of choice (Electronic, paperback). Below are some of the most famous genres with some of the bestselling Mangas.


Naruto has everything a nice story should be having. It is righteous vs. the wrong clash in the setting of a Shinobi or Ninja life.

Bleach- A classic battle ensues as the protagonist acquires the power of the shinigami, the death god. He guards the humans against the evil souls.


One Piece- In this famous anime the protagonist tries to find the treasure hidden by a pirate king.

Hunter X Hunter- The hero tries to find his father who had once been the greatest hunter. A hunter is the champion of a very prestigious competition.


High School DXD- The main character is a teen boy who dreams of his own harem. The story takes an interesting turn after a demon princess saved him.

Shokugeki No Soma- The hero aspires for becoming the world’s best cook. He then joins a famous cooking academy where his father, the second best cook, also learnt.


Sword Art Online- This future based film finds virtual reality to be prevalent. A programmer encrypts a game and then goes nuts to lock every participant inside it. Now either they must complete all levels or die within the game.

Campione- The hero sets on to fulfill his grandfather's dying wish- to return an artifact on which ancient Greek is inscribed to its rightful owner.


One Punch Man- The main character finds himself in a world where monsters attack the human for demonic pleasure. He trains for 3 years to relinquish every monster with a single punch.

Tokyo ghoul- the ghouls are creatures who kill humans. The protagonist has an organ transplant from a ghoul and becomes half-ghoul. Now with newly acquired powers he fights ghoul investigators to save himself.


Code Geass- In the story Japan is conquered by a country Britannia. The hero, who fights in the independence agitations, gets a strange power that lets him hypnotise any man by eye contact.

Akaboshi- The hero on his master’s command fights corrupt government officials.

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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