Monday, 18 July 2016

Intellectual Suicide: Binging on Viral Content

We live in times where the audiences are continuously bombarded with viral content and there is a pressure on the content creator to produce viral content. With people becoming immensely busy and for people who are not so busy – they have so much to look at, the easiest and fastest form of attracting attention is creating viral content. The race of generating visitors to one's content is insanely high but what does this mean for us as both consumers and creators of such content?

In today's time, we as media consumers are attracted to stuff which takes up as a small portion of our time as possible. The chief goal of our life is to accumulate as much information as possible in the shortest period of time. Therefore, we have news channels keeping us up to date with 200 news updates in 10 minutes and we prefer a book that is fast-paced and is an easy read. In times where being aware of everything is all the shizz, in actuality how healthy is this lifestyle for us?

Well the problem lies in is devouring all the information that is thrown at us and I specifically emphasise the use of the word DEVOUR. Information is easily available to us and we gulp it down as fast as possible, eager to move on to the next bit of exciting information. We hardly process or think about it. Think of this notion in terms of food. What happens if we devour our food, swallow it whole and rapidly and most importantly continuously and in large amounts? It will not only not digest but is harmful to our health. Such information has no real purpose or benefit. It gives you a sense of false satisfaction that you are well informed.

Just like mindful eating, I feel everybody of us should concentrate on both creating and reading mindful content. It may be a slow read and take up more of your time but the end result is that you have actually gained something. Just like our food which should be properly chewed so that the digestion is not only facilitated but benefits to the greatest extent, the information should be produced in a proper manner and as a consumer of information, one must analyse and process it and not just look at it, to actually obtain something worthwhile. The end goal should be to gain knowledge to nourish the mind.

Another problem with blindly following viral content is the kind of ideas it sows into one's brain. Apart from having to process half-baked information, viral content can promote ideas that should not be encouraged. In order to seem trendy, content creators may promote ideas which are not theirs just to get more likes. The readers may submerge themselves in something entirely ridiculous or offensive.

So next time when you come across viral content or try and learn everything at once remember that in a contest to be a jack of all cards, you are a master of none and also wasted a lot of your time on useless stuff.

Written by Sanya K. Aitwani
Complicated thinker with a creative streak and perceptive outlook.

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