Thursday, 14 July 2016

How User reviews at AspectWise enable better buying decisions

Online Reviews is the latest word-of-mouth when it comes to buying gadgets, ranging from Mobile to Laptops and various other accessories. It is certainly very crucial to see if the the product you are going to buy would suffice your need. There are already a lot of famous publishers like Digit, BGR and Gadgets 360 (NDTV) where we can see the specifications and reviews of the latest gadgets. But what if we could get a website wherein we get only user reviews, which means personal experience of normal users who have already bought that product. Well, the biggest advantage that those reviews would not be biased and it certainly adds more credibility where users themselves have a say after using the gadget. Aspectwise enables you to make smarter buying decisions when it comes to gadgets using user opinions and ratings.

A gadget being good or bad is a relative term, one person might be looking for a phone with good camera while someone else wants a phone with a good battery life. One of the best features of Aspectwise is that it enables you to filter your search criteria for gadgets using your buying preference. For example in the mobile sections, along with the price range, it includes the options of Design fan, Camera lover, Heavy users etc. In case you want to search phones having a good camera, your result would be Best Camera Phones.

Also there is a filter option again in detail, which can help you narrow down your search from specifications like battery 
life, RAM, storage and other important features. While searching for a specific product, you get the detailed insights like Nexus 6P.

Similarly, there are relevant criterias for Laptop, Tablet, Speakers and Headphones etc. Now once you have applied your filters, you can get the list of all the products which fall under you buying preference. Once you click on any particular gadget you can see detailed reviews from people on various aspects ranging from performance, design, packaging etc. Now this certainly saves your time and makes the search process quite simpler.

There is an aggregated overall rating ranging from 1 to 5 in the form of stars, along with the number of users who have given it. Also, relative percentage of positive versus negative opinions for that gadget. It also shows the comparative pricing of a gadget on the major E-Commerce platforms. One more point of credibility is that the reviews are from the users who are certified buyers from Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. This ensures that you are reading the review from a person who has actually bought the product and used it personally.

The overall functionality and user interface of is very comprehensive and simple. It really serves the purpose of increasing credibility from the user reviews and helps in taking better preference based decisions.

Written by Rohit Jha

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