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How to survive yet another Academic Year?

You hear that? That’s the sound of the rain drops hitting your window and the annoying blaring of your alarm clock asking you to get up and go amongst the wilderness of those who also have to face the same consequences as you do in a building which looks a lot like your worst nightmare veiled in concrete: College.

On the first day, fear strikes, especially if you are changing colleges or your course; would I make new friends? Do I need new friends? Will the corner last bench be empty? I hope the person I had an argument with last month is in my class! I finally have a good comeback.

Here is a guide on how to survive yet another year of deathly hallways, scary classrooms, slippery stairs and crowded canteens:

1. Don’t try and fit in

As repetitive and clich├ęd this sounds, don’t try and dress up according to the social group you admire, don’t make yourself talk the way they do.

Be yourself. You might not make any friends as soon as possible, but you will find that specific group of friends that will stay with you until the end, appreciating your memes the way you do and not judge you for being you.

Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?

2. Always go to class

A lot of people will debate on this, but it is important for you to go to almost all the classes that you’ve signed up for.

An essential way you can get through this year and call the academic year your year, is also by getting good grades.

No matter how boring the subject might sound, remember, your goal is survival.

3. Wear the clothes you’re totally comfortable in

Own your outfit! Always remember, there are always going to be people who criticize you, no matter what!

I mean you’d walk on water and they roll their eyes, scoff and say it’s because you couldn’t swim.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes, it is also necessary to punch the beholder in the eyes if they criticize your looks and your outfit.

4. Enjoy yourself responsibly

Don’t be an idiot, is what I mean. Have fun because these years will not come back. Make new friends, enjoy!

Don’t let anything get in the way of your fun except probably the law and your morals.

Don’t do something you know you’ll regret but don’t regret what you once wanted.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

As cringeworthy as this thought sounds, you gotta do it! Make new friends! If you’d rather spend your Saturday night being a couch potato and binge-watching your favourite TV show, try going out with your friends one Saturday! How bad can it be? Carry your iPod and earphones just in case.

But you will have fun doing something you’ve never done. And if you don’t you will know what to avoid the next time you are invited to hang out somewhere.

These are the basic points you can follow to survive another horrifying academic year. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have a successful and a very fun school year!

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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