Thursday, 21 July 2016

An Open Letter to an aspiring entrant into the Entertainment Industry

Dear you,

Who fathoms the significance in being a part of anything that lets you express, you who respects the advent of new ideas and ideologies, you who intends to become something that you yourself would like and not us – because there lies an amount of peace in giving priority to self over others.

Do you also understand the concept of time and the monotony that lies in its endlessness? With every ticking minute, you have to strive harder because it is easy for none.

If you understand the struggle, then can you help clear the misconceptions in the minds of the rest? – It isn’t the easy way out after you’ve tried your hand at everything else possible.

The ones who leech off the industry because they had no other way out, can you understand that this isn’t a joke, after all?

No one is fit to judge if you’re good or bad because their tastes and generic interests are different. But to participate in something that matches your tastes will help you succeed.

And therefore, it makes complete sense to have the deepest of interests and through that to know what you like and dislike, to be able to look at things through your eyes.

Making a living out of a dream is the sign of success in itself, yet making a living isn’t the only thing important. Believing in something that you have no knowledge of, is cheating yourself. Some are in this for the love of it, while there are some just for the sake notoriety.
Notoriety not because they intend to dent the industry’s name but because they haven’t fully comprehended their own priorities.

Before stepping into this myriad of options, for this industry has many to offer, know that the industry is already oversaturated and for you to be taken seriously you have to show those in power that ‘You’re not here to saturate it more than it already is’. Unfortunately, ones who have risen to fame, have only been able to, because of two things:

They either backdoor'ed their way into this or they really are worth something. Once you know what you are in it for, you’ll automatically understand the difference between the two.

Nothing has been concealed from the world or the audiences, and therefore, everybody knows that sometimes you might be taken for granted, sometimes you might even end up being taken advantage of – but to know what’s good and bad, you see it is again seeping down to the only thing that you need to be good at – Know what you’re in it for.

There’s always going to be a certain amount of competition chasing you and that is healthy. However, the competition gets many, if you fear it you lose, if you chase and surpass it way ahead you lose. Let competition not get the better of you but let it help you know what’s around you, better.

Written by Smita Ganguli
Aspiring cyber journalist but too damn opinionated.

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