Tuesday, 12 July 2016

9 Reasons to visit Pune RIGHT NOW!

India's first smart city Pune is famous for being the Silicon Valley of India. Not only it is a city of highly energetic and well-educated people, it is also an ideal place to have the time of your life, especially during monsoons. Check out these 9 reasons and get going already.

1. Drizzling

For lovers of rain showers, Pune is the perfect place as it drizzles endlessly. And if you are not a big fan of heavy rain showers and muddy roads like me, this place is a dream come true. You can explore Pune without worrying about umbrellas or raincoats or dirty roads for that matter. The endless drizzle soothes both your skin and soul.

2. Temperature

In spite of very high levels of humidity, the city remains cool at 24-degree celsius. Pune is covered with clouds and the day remains cool. Go for a walk whenever you like and you will be greeted by pleasant weather and cool winds.

3. Greenery

This city not only offers you its tall majestic buildings but streets and roads surrounded by trees. It is fair to say that greenery is a major part of Pune. The sight of a mini lush forest while exploring is not surprising and is bound to refresh your mood.

4. The Crowd

Punekars are busy people. Everything about them screams sincerity and simplicity from their attitudes to their dressing style. They remain aloof but are always ready to help. Just like an emerging metropolitan, you can wear anything in Pune and not feel awkward. Also, if you dislike densely populated cities, you will find Pune preferable.

5. Local Food

Maharashtra is famous for its Vada Pav and Bhajjiya and what better season to enjoy these tasty treats than the season of monsoon. Pune offers you the perfect combination of rains and delicious snacks. Combined with street foods like spicy corncobs and literally hot Pani Puris (Golgappa), you can also enjoy the Maharashtrian cuisine that will leave you smacking your lips.

6. Historical Monuments

For history buffs, you just hit the jackpot. Pune is home to both museums and monuments. It is also surrounded by monumental forts. Forts like Sinhagad and the famous Shaniwar Wada are worth visiting. These monuments apart from providing aesthetic pleasure, also enable you to do some adventure sports.

7. Breathtaking Views

Situated among hills and mountains, Pune is a place you will enjoy exploring. The city is full of hills of various proportions that will give you a breathtaking view of the city. You can have your pictures clicked at these sites or just sit peacefully and enjoy the serene and calmness of these hilltops.

8. Lavasa

If you want to experience strolling among rainy clouds, Lavasa Lake is a must visit when visiting Pune. Not only it is a famous for its weather but it will also charm you with its European style structure, primarily based on the Portofino town in Italy. Experience the perfect weekend among endless waterfalls at every turn and with multiple activities to do in the rain like tandem cycling and camping fires.

9. Places around Pune

Not only Pune is an awesome visit, it is also a neighbour to various great places to visit. You can visit famous and beautiful hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. You can plan a joint trip to Mumbai and Pune which are as close as 150 km by road or you can directly head to Goa and enjoy the beaches. All these places near Pune are worth visiting during monsoons.

Written by Sanya K. Aitwani
Complicated thinker with a creative streak and perceptive outlook.

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