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8 Reasons Why LAZY People Are The Best

Among all the inevitable things in the human life, laziness is one of the most prominent things that make human, human. Though the scale varies from person to person, here are eight reasons why being lazy might not be the worst thing after all:

Reasons Why Lazy People Are The Best

1. Lazy people are creative

When it comes to organizing the work that needs to be done, people who are lazy are the most creative. They love making life easier: for themselves and for others. As there is nothing as annoying as a monotonous job for a person who loves to laze around, they will find innovative ways to make the boring job fun. Their mind which is devoid of responsibilities is filled with creative ideas and projects.

2. Lazy people always find alternatives to the things that they have to do

If you have a job that requires a lot of moving around, give it to a lazy person and they will find an alternative to the moving around that is required. Anything that requires a lot of energy is simplified by them as they love finding alternatives.

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3. Lazy people are some of the most chilled out people

They know when to take a step back and rest. They do not strain themselves and thus their memory is far more commendable than those who stress about every little thing in life. They believe in smart work, not hard work.

4. Laziness helps people save a lot of time and energy

Since lazy people don’t jump from one thing to the other, they take their own sweet time into finishing their task. Because of this and finding easier, more innovative ways to finish the task given to them, they save tons of energy and time and get a lot of personal time.

5. Lazy people know their goals

Just because a person is lazy doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are supposed to do. They know how to prioritize and focus on their own goals. They don’t bother about other people’s goals and finish their tasks on time, no matter how.

6. Lazy people can’t help but be clever

If you are lazy and smart, you might be one of the most efficient students or employees ever. There are many gadgets and applications that they know about, which makes them finish their work twice as faster.

7. Lazy people know almost all the shortcuts

Since every lazy person completes their work on time by procrastinating it till the very last minute, knowing shortcuts is one of the main reasons how they can handle pressure like a boss. They know the shortcuts by heart and that’s how they live their life: on shortcuts.

8. They are pro multitask-ers

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Exercising and studying? Check. Just record the main points you need to study for tomorrow’s exam and listen to it while jogging. Reading a book and consoling a friend? Double check. Sleeping and talking? Triple check. Multi-tasking is their talent, among many others.

As paradoxical as it might sound, according to Arnold Ludwig’s study, to be successful in life, apart from having the knack for it, you also have to be able to waste your time. If you’re a person that despises lazy people, be really good to them as they might be millionaires in the next ten years.

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Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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