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3 Things To Know Before Packing For College Abroad

Going to college in a foreign country isn’t a cakewalk. You don’t just end up at the airport, engage in a flurry of hugs and kisses, wipe away tears, and say goodbye. Traveling abroad for college requires meticulous pre-planning and careful implementation. That stationery you spent your pocket money on and can’t wait to take along with you for note-making at college? You probably want to give it a second thought. The fluffy blanket you have had ever since a kid? Save it. You might as well just stay at home.

Before you end up too excited to not be able to think straight, take some time out to research and plan. Here are 3 key things you should make sure of while packing before you step out of the door on the day of your departure.

1. How much luggage does the airline which you are traveling by allow as check-in luggage? As hand luggage? Do students receive any special concessions?

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Make sure you check the official website of the airline for details. Contact them by email or phone at least one week in advance so that you don’t end up in a frenzy the day before you have to leave. Don’t rely on so-called agents! Weigh your bags before you leave for the airport and pack at least 2 kg less per bag than what the airlines allow. Also, make sure you are respecting the policy of the airlines regarding the quantity of liquid allowed in hand luggage. Better safe than sorry!

2. What kind of weather will greet you at your destination? Is it worth packing clothes from home?

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There’s no point in packing summer clothes from home when you will be staying in a place that has temperatures below 12 degrees for ten months during a year. In fact, you are better off not packing any winter clothes, either. It is recommended that you shop for coats, boots, gloves, etc. when you arrive at your destination. Buying winter clothes from a tropical country may not serve the purpose. Hence, save the money and space!

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3. Are you the kind of person who just throws clothes in your bag? Or do you carefully fold each piece?

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Either way, you are better off rolling up your clothes instead of folding or stashing them into your bag. Frequent travelers swear by the tip, and they also have a good reason for doing so! It saves a lot of precious space! You might just be able to squeeze in an extra packet of your favorite homemade snacks by mom. They’ll serve as great homesickness relievers. More so than that big, fluffy blanket!

Packing is merely a fragment of the story, but one that can give you a headache if you are not well prepared for it. Make sure you remain alert. Get the best deals applicable for students from trusted airlines, compare prices of products in your home country versus the destination city to finalize what you should carry along with you and what not, and talk to seniors and relatives who have either been through the same situation as you or are living in your destination country. Doing so will ensure that you are able to carry all the necessary items required to begin college life in a new place with ease and confidence.

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Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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