Thursday, 7 July 2016

15 Confessions of an Avid Reader


So, as an avid reader and the supporter of the paperbacks over kindle movement. I feel responsible for these little bundles of joy in my life. I feel deep empathy towards all the readers who feel left out in social situations or lack social skills because they were too busy being lost in the sea of literature to actually bother about the socialisation process, while growing up.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very relatable post on my Tumblr dashboard and I couldn’t help but share my utter relief and joy on finding similar bookworms like myself.

1. Creased Book spines are the bane of our existence.

2. We cannot go on extended holidays without taking a tote full of books along with us.

3. We pre-order before the entire world even realises the existence of the book.

4. We always have “ENOUGH” money to buy a new book, if nothing else.

5. We squeal with unbridled joy when we find someone reading our favourite book.

6. Our bookshelves are always over crowded.

7. We love literary banter and puns.

8. We fall in love with fictional characters. All the time.

9. We love the smell of books.

10. Books and coffee are the best combination.

11. We love solitude.

12. We love discussing a book, piece by piece. After we are done reading.

13. Our phones are flooded with pictures of books and our online carts are full of book purchases. 

14. We get emotionally attached to fictional people.

15. We hate it when somebody interrupts our reading Zen/zone.

I hope you find this post entertaining and relatable and just don’t forget that we all are in this together!

Happy Reading!

Written by Yamini Jaiswal
She spills dreams on paper and hopes to resurrect the power of the written word through artistic expression. An Illustrator for poetry and musings.

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