Thursday, 9 June 2016

Why You Should Support Gay Rights?

One of the most controversial topics we face today is the legalization of gay rights. The gay community in India is given no respect whatsoever by the mainstream mass. If you mention the word gay in front of people, they look at you as if you’ve insulted their great-great grandfather’s goat in public. What I do not understand however is why people are against it.

God doesn’t hate gays. He wouldn’t make them that way if he hated them. We don’t even have proof that God exists but we have proof that homosexuals do and yet we hate the latter to apparently ‘please’ the former.If you think homosexuals are bad and you demand to change their sexuality because you think ‘god won’t accept it’, you should know about the various LGBT themes in  mythological books,if they can accept the gay community, why can’t we?

There is absolutely 0% effect of the homosexual community on the heterosexual community. How can someone else’s sexual orientation harm you? No one should be denied basic human rights and no one has the right to deny a part of our population their basic right to love. Mind your own business and let others live in peace.

It is a matter of equality. Legalization of gay rights is an acknowledgement to equal rights. In a secular nation such as ours, practicing equality should not be a problem. But everyday people keep proving that wrong. People should be allowed to formalize their relationship - whether they are two women, two men or a woman and a man.

We’ve been learning since our school days that love is unconditional. No conditions should be placed before love. Then why is gender one of the many conditions? An innocent emotion such as love shouldn’t be denied just because the people in love are the same gender. Love should be celebrated, accepted, admired and respected regardless of one’s sexuality.

We can’t change the way we were born. Like our colour, gender and race, sexuality is also innate. Just as nobody questions the inborn craving we get from eating ice-creams during summers, no one should question anyone’s sexuality. I have met at least a dozen people from my generation asking me how people ‘become’ gay. I reply by saying that they are gay, the same way they are (probably) straight. Confused, they look at me and say that they were born that way. Angry, I control my urge of smacking their head with my bag. Nobody becomes gay; it is the way they are born.

Coming out to your loved ones reunite the babas, pandits and sadhu maharaj so that they can ‘shake out’ the ‘evil’ that resides within you.

India is a beautiful, secular country which we plague with our narrow mindedness. We claim everyone deserves freedom and in our bubble of ignorance we think everyone is free here but that’s not the case. We love turning our backs and bullying homosexuals. We are westernizing ourselves, but not modernizing our thought processes. Being western won’t mean a thing if we aren’t modern and being human doesn’t mean a thing if you deny so many people their elementary and fundamental human rights.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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