Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why do we still decide the Future of our Children?

Even after 68 years of Independence we still don’t have the right to decide what we really want do in future. Why? Aren’t we capable enough or it's our parents trust that lacks? Whatever the reason maybe but from my personal experience and what I have seen around me with my friends, children still don’t have the freedom to decide.

Some are children are good in studies, some are not then why do expect the same result from them. We weren’t born same, were we? There’s a saying that in a race of all species if you ask a fish to climb the tree, it will obviously fail. Our capabilities are different and so is our grasping power. Every great man was not great in studies. Steve Jobs didn’t go to college still he worked hard and became the CEO of Apple, twice. Bill Gates failed in almost every subject in high school still he founded Microsoft. Unbelievable right? That’s my entire point don’t judge your children on the basis of their grades.

I came in eleventh and that was the time when I had to decide what I really wanted to study and do in the future. My school introduced humanities with Media Studies. As I loved writing I was really attracted to the course. My parents and my relatives were a little reluctant about it as they wanted me to take Commerce (because my grandmother was an accounts teacher). Clear about what I had to do I convinced everybody and they agreed (a little reluctantly). Then my result came and I got a scholarship in Media Studies. My parents were amazed and very happy. More than the scholarship I was glad that I stood for myself. The fight was totally worth it. That day my parents learnt a lesson that forcing someone into something will only do harm.

On the other hand, a very close friend of mine killed her dreams and did what her parents wanted. She was a great artist and since childhood, she always won prizes for her paintings and drawings. As class eleventh approached for her she left everything and took science only because her father wanted. I was unhappy with her decision but still she did what her parents wanted. Science was not her cup of tea and even had to appear for re-examinations. Now, in college too she is pursuing Engineering and is finding it very tough. After Tina Dabi, her father is even asking her to try for UPSC. Where will it all lead to? What about her happiness? But I believe it’s her fault as well. She didn’t stand for herself.

You see, forcing doesn’t help. Let them grow, learn and decide what they want to do with their life. Have faith in them and they will soon turn into an inspiration.

Written by Chayanika Singh
Unique name right? Well, I am a big time foodie and a travel junkie but I also love to write about serious issues and problems all over the world. Sometimes my write-ups will be of great joy and sometimes they’ll make you think about issues.

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