Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ways Feminism is a Boon for Men

Yes, you read the title right. Feminism is a boon for everyone and I think everyone with a beating heart and a sane mind should be a feminist. There are so many male YouTubers who are feminists and honestly, if you’re in a bubble where you think just as feminism, menism should also exist, then sorry to burst your bubble, but patriarchy was menism and feminism don't promote matriarchy.

Feminism makes you feel however you want to. Nobody condemns you for crying. Nobody calls you ‘less manly’ for feeling the way you want to be felt. Traditional patriarchal society almost always mocks men who express too much of their feelings, who aren’t always good at sport. A real man isn’t defined by how macho he is. Feminism helps because it even at your weakest moments, you do not feel like a failure of a man that is defined by the patriarchal society. Men need to be the knight in the shining armour for their damsel in distress. You see, knights in distress would be frowned upon as women aren’t supposed to ‘save a man’.

Feminism lets you embrace any hobby or activity you want to, no matter how ‘girly’ it is. Do you want to knit? Go buy the wool. Do you want to cook? Make sure my pizza is without olives. Want to become a makeup artist? Go whip out your makeup brushes. Who cares what you want to do as long as you are happy.

Gay men are often perceived as less manly and more girly which enrages the spawns of the patriarchal system. Feminism sews their mouth shut and gives gay men a pat on the back because there isn’t anything wrong with being effeminate. Feminism, this way also promotes the LGBT community.

Just as much as women face the pressure to look a certain way, men face that much too. ‘Real men’ are supposed to be fit, they are supposed to have ripped backs and six pack abs with those muscles and a glorified body. But, feminism doesn’t care if you have pecs or arms that could bend rods. It would just want you to have a kind heart. Feminism promotes self-improvement over stereotypical bodies men should have. It doesn’t ask you to ‘man up’ and be tough and aggressive.

Not to mention, eradicating patriarchy has boosted our economy. Incorporating more women in the workforce has kept our economy vibrant. It eradicated the common stereotype of only the men being the breadwinner of the house. Working wives help the husbands spend more time with their children as well. The burden of wars isn’t always on the shoulders of men.

Promoting feminism has raised awareness of male assault victims. You see if our mind was clouded by the judgement of a patriarchal society, no one would believe if a man were to be raped or physically assaulted. It is because they were supposed to be the ‘tougher’ ones. Assault is terrible and men were mocked if they tried to approach someone with the same issue. Feminism helps fight against the myth of only women being the victims and men being the assaulters.

In conclusion, feminism has helped not only women (as per the boring stereotype) but also men. Feminism isn’t about being discriminating against men and thinking that women are the superior species. It doesn’t promote matriarchy, it promotes equality. It identifies men and women on the equal level.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.
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