Thursday, 23 June 2016

Vintage Vixen: Inspiration from the Classic Styles

I will not lie that I have loved the retro style of the forties and fifties, a little too much, I confess. The beauty of the cat-eye frames which hint a muted sophistication and playfulness are incomparable to any modern trend.

The things of past often become vintage with time, I like how the romantic cuts of the olden days have inspired designers to incorporate the old world with the new. Vintage clothing is elegant and modest. It exudes femininity and class. I remember my mother and grandmother wearing long high-waisted pencil skirts and peter pan collars.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning, Alexa Chung, Dita von teese, Zoe Deschanel and Zoe Kazan have been known to embrace their inner Vintage vixen.


Here are few looks to get inspired:

Soft pastel colours, long umbrella skirts and delicate leather belts redefine womanhood.

Add a little dramatic flair to the outfit by pairing a long skirt with brocade blouse in deep blues and maroons.

I personally endorse this look. The Victorian blouse, the lovely pastel teal skirt and the elaborate hairdo, paired with brogues or oxfords, this look is a masterpiece. 

This sheer black blouse adds a sensuous note to any outfit, the hair is curled and the red pout adds extra drama to the look.

For a casual date, this look is a show stopper. The tailored bodice in midnight blue, the heeled oxfords and the Parisian touch of a beret, make it comfortable yet vintage.

Bring back the raging sixties with a knotted top and high waisted denim, big shades and suede shoes give it a modern twist.

This is a dream ensemble for a travelling experience; imagine yourself sitting in a cafe in Prague with these beautiful oversized glares.

The allure of the old world is undeniable, so, don’t hold back on the Vintage vixen ready to take over the world!

Until the next post, Happy Styling!

Written by Yamini Jaiswal
She spills dreams on paper and hopes to resurrect the power of the written word through artistic expression. An Illustrator for poetry and musings.

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