Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Top changes in the Fashion scenario for Men in the past few years

‘’From Nike to Puma, Pepe to Tommy Hilfiger, Mufti to Jack & Jones, Armani to Skone, Woodland to Adidas, Lee cooper to Sparx……… and the list goes on for Men’s Fashion.’’

Indian Fashion Industry, in the past few years, has undergone a dynamic and large-scale increase accounting for about Net Worth of about Rs. 1000 crore. Fashion industry grows at a rapid pace with international developments. Consumers nowadays  have become more demanding and fashion savvy which is seen as the main factor for the retailers to provide the right product at the right time. Men’s fashion has grown at an indispensable rate because of a variety of advancements in terms of technology and modernization.


Men’s fashion is mainly influenced by the emerging trends and wide availability of brands providing huge choice to choose from. Men’s fashion industry has become customer oriented, from watches to glares, jeans to shirts, perfumes to shoes etc."Less is more." has been the  main idea of men’s fashion in the 21st century.


An access to international market has increased the demand for goods and services. Getting worldwide products has been so easy just with the single click, getting access to online websites and popular apps like Flipkart , amazon, Snapdeal etc. Men have got a wide number of choices available to them in the selection of their products and accessories because of modernization and Globalisation, that  has made the imports and exports of men’s products and accessories easier.


Technology plays a large role in most aspects of today's society. Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends. Over the net technology such as online retailing and social media platforms such as social media websites have made it easy to identify trends and fashion products and then get them marketed and sold immediately. Styles are easily conveyed via the online platforms to attract the customer’s – most covering the men.


The media has over the time played a significant role when it comes to fashion and trends. The 21st century provides for online media platform  and many videos relating to men’s fashion have become a major source for making it popular - trends and fashion tips across men  and consumers, creating an online culture of buying and selling men’s accessories amongst customers by  sharing one's style on a website. Following modern stars, men’s fashion industry has seen a boom moving on their track copying them.

What can be concluded is that  consumer, has become the king of the market. What a consumer really wants, has become the key question for men’s fashion and trend? There needs to be a complete understanding between what does a consumer wants that is his needs and what is needed by him.

Written by Puneet Chopra

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