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9 Things Every Child Should Know Before Turning 6

Your little bundle of joy will eventually have to grow up and enter in the world where you won’t be able to protect him every minute. Being a part of the social circle comes at the age of six. But before you enroll in school to make them learn about the world around, there are certain things you will have to teach in order to make their experience more enriching.

Since bringing up a child is not a nine to five job, you have to make sure that you give them ample amount of knowledge in the day-to-day routine. Keep in mind the below mentioned things and you will have less to worry about when your kid is out, finding his/her way in this big world.

1. Know His/Hers Name Along With Parent's Name

It is an important thing that your kid knows his own name as well as his parents’ name. If he finds himself in a troublesome situation he can be helped if he has some knowledge about his family. He, too, will feel a tad bit secure if he can narrate personal information without a glitch.

2. Should Know Home Address and Contact Number

Apart from knowing the name, he should also be able to tell his house address along with the phone number of his parents. Technology, in today’s world, is a gift to humanity. If by any chance, he is lost, he should be able to tell the stranger his address. In the time of need, you have no idea how handy these things can be.

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3. Good Touch and Bad Touch

Child molestation is not a foreign concept and your child’s safety is pretty much in his hands if he knows the difference between good touch and bad touch. Also, he can only tell if something bad happens to him if he himself knows it.

Apart from that, he should also be well acquainted with the stranger danger concept. Not accepting anything to eat from an unknown person and not let the said stranger take him anywhere are two of the important things you should teach him.

4. Should Be Able To Form Coherent Sentences

At the age of six, a kid should know how to form a coherent sentence. By doing so, he can seek help if he’s in trouble or relate to his teacher if he is not feeling well. Mumbling will definitely not help him. Therefore, teach him basic sentences every day so that he can be comfortable doing the same when you’re not around.

5. Should Interact on a Regular Basis

Social isolation will be a huge problem. Make it a point to take your kid to parks or daily care where he will get a chance to interact with kids of his age. By doing so, you will prepare him for the future where he would not be a shy kid who would feel uncomfortable when it comes to communicating with others.

6. Attentive Listener

Not every kid is well-behaved. They all have their naughty streaks and this only adds to their cuteness but ensure that he is not a careless kid who doesn’t care what’s going around. Being an attentive listener will help no one but him.

7. Basic Knowledge

Alphabets, numbers and other basic knowledge is important for a child who is six-years-old. Identifying colours, body parts and all other things should also be well known by the apple of your eye.

8. Physically Active

Your kid should not be a couch potato. He should be active who enjoys outdoor activities and love to indulge in them. You can enroll him in swimming or any other activity where his whole body is involved. Also, he should enjoy cycling, running and other activities. It will make him healthy and active.

9. Have Qualities Such as Sharing and Caring

Who loves a selfish kid sans the sharing and caring qualities? If he is insensitive towards others or finds it difficult to work in a group where he is supposed to share his things with other kids, how can he possibly succeed?

Therefore, you should teach them the famous "sharing is caring" lesson.

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Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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