Friday, 24 June 2016

Things to do this weekend

Perhaps a misleading title, but this needs to be talked about. We need to know about the grave we're digging for ourselves.

How often have you heard people- intelligent well-read respectable people- defend the misogynistic, violent, arrogant brute of a man they call BHAI?

Have the several police complaints filed against him for domestic violence been to no avail?

Do you still love him after rape and strenuous shoots became the same thing?

Is his VIP status too powerful to suffer the consequences of his actions?

Hell, do contractual obligations mean ANYTHING?

Has Being Human become enough?

I may not even be wrong to say that people like him are the reason Bollywood and, as a result, India hasn't progressed since the 90s.

Violence against women is real. Sexual, mental and emotional harassment is real. Corruption is not a joke. I can't possibly stress this enough.

That rape comment was the last straw for me. Does he even know what he said? Rape has been striking fear into the hearts of people the world over.

Until you find yourself running away from a situation in the dead of night, until you spend hours feverishly pacing for a phone call from your loved one, you will never know.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the man we've put on a pedestal. This is the man who rakes in crores of rupees at the Box Office for every shitfest he's starred in.

To watch his movies in theatres is to literally feed the beast. Not only are you keeping his ego intact, you're also extending his reign of terror.

This is the man who represents Bollywood and India on international platforms. This is the man who's influencing Indians everywhere.

As a woman and, more importantly, a person I demand that we bring him down from his throne of trash and erase his name from a place of importance, once and for all.

It is high time you realise that "Bhai is not Bhai, Bhai is a power crazed man,flying high on the Bollywood flight, undeserving of the respect from his doting fans and I think it's up to us to take him down notch."

You, my friend, have some reflecting to do this weekend.


Written by Jyotsna Shiv Kumar
Eater of the cupcakes. Art nerd., reeeally liker of psychological horror novels. Your friendly neighborhood tumblr expert.

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