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Things About Hotel Rooms That Should Bother You

Your trip is incomplete without the check-in and check-out process. Getting a hotel while travelling to a different city seems to be the right choice and a sane one because carrying your belongings around will not make things easier for you. Therefore, hotels become an integral part of your travelling. But, if you will stop and think about your hotel rooms, you would realise how detrimental and perilous your stay can be.

1. Security: This is the first thing which comes to our mind while booking a room. It is also the reason we are ready to pay a few extra bucks since we wish to feel safe. Also, our belongings shouldn’t be at risk while we are happily exploring the place. But, since the  hotel is more or less a public place where anyone can walk in at any time of the day, the kind of security you are looking for might not be there no matter how expensive your hotel is. So, how safe can one actually be? So many crimes take place in hotel rooms and, sometimes, the room you’re staying in can actually be a place where something bad might have happened in the past but you wouldn’t know about it. Isn’t this a little bit alarming? 

2. Cleanliness: Even if you’re not a cleanliness freak, you would at least not want to be surrounded with germs while you’re staying in a room which, by the looks of it, looks spotless and shiny. Appearances can be deceptive and it is easy to be impressed with the well-maintained room with flowers and other essential products. During vacations, rooms are hard to find so do you really expect the hotel staff to go through a long and time taking the process of cleaning the hotel room after the guest before you have checked-out? The floor might not be vacuumed and the blanket might not be washed. For all we know, the bed might be full of bugs and the remote control you are reaching for might be dirtier than a toilet seat. These all things sound a bit too frightening, right?  

3. Free Wi-Fi? : Nothing is free and, even if you’re paying a huge amount of money for the luxurious hotel room, you should avoid using Wi-Fi at all possible cost. Your saved information might be at risk and it could be easily copied and used by the hackers who are waiting for you to be lured by the free Wi-Fi. Since this is something we can avoid doing, make it a point to not use the internet connection for any transaction which requires you to insert your credit card number or any such information.

4. Fees: Since running a hotel is a business, the staff will stop at nothing to earn every penny they can. If possible, they would charge you for breathing while you’re staying at the hotel. From complimentary drink to the safe in your room, they would add random costs for anything and everything. They can, even, include expenses for something you didn’t do. Hence, it is advisable to go through the bill before paying. Also, the mini fridge in your room is not pocket-friendly. The items it contains are pricy and, even if they have an MRP printed on it, the taxes which you will pay if you use them are not written on the label. 

5. Suffocating Air: Since they want to give you the room which, at least, looks clean and spotless, the staff employs a lot of products which might not be good for your health. The pollution outside isn’t decreasing and the smell of cleaning products combined with it will only make things worse. How we can possibly escape that, I wonder. 

The idea of travelling is appealing and these things might not stop us from exploring the world but ensuring our safety and well-being is also important. For this reason, you should be cautious of all the above-mentioned things and avoid any miss happening during your stay in the hotel.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a dream to travel the world.

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