Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The truth you need to know about modern day PORN

In today's time, Porn has become an important part of people's lives. We have seen an uproar by the masses when pornography was banned, serious porn addiction and simultaneously therapies to get rid of this addiction and evidently you can have a mid-life crisis if you masturbate too much. Pornography is serious business and apparently a successful one. The pornographic market majorly through world wide web caters to all kind of fantasies. Where freedom to view sexual content in today's time is considered a triumph and is believed by many to decrease sexual violence, the reality of viewing the popular and available porn content is unknown to many.

I stand against porn, not because of any religious affiliation or sex taboo. What we all should stand against is the type of pornographic content marketed and easily available. In fact, if the widely popular porn videos did not display women/men as sluts or having too many casual sexual partners, the taboo associated with porn might not entirely exist. This popularly marketed pornography may leave you breathless and satisfied physiologically but is bound to harm you on a psychological level. The basic flaw in modern day pornography is the portrayal of the sex act devoid of any emotion other than satisfying one's lust or carnal desires. You will find loose male(s) and female(s) in such videos who will pleasure each other without any prior emotional connection whatsoever. This flaw of portraying sexual relations without any intimacy leads to further problems. Such pornographic content sets unrealistic expectations and too much emphasis on the physical attributes of a person.

Often in porn videos, the focus is on the parts engaged in coitus. Even the titles of such videos focus on the type of sexual act being performed along with the attributes of the sex organs involved. The result of the pornographic video as a whole gives encouragement to identifying a person solely or mostly based on one's physical characteristics. It places a higher value on physical characteristics than emotional feelings. Regular porn viewers may eventually discover their imagination or in some cases in reality only limited to bodily satisfaction without any meaning. And now the question arises what is the problem if one possesses no emotional meaning in the context of sex but then one has to ask oneself what is life without meaning? Sexual acts create a more firm bonding between the two individuals, bring them closer and form a special connection.

The most objectionable aspect of modern day porn videos is the treatment of women. Have you ever wondered why women porn stars are much more degraded in the society than male porn stars? Somehow why male porn actors loose less respect than their female counterparts? The women are portrayed as male satisfying objects devoid of any moral values who thrive on punishments and hurt. Smacking and rough handling of women is common in all the popular videos. The camera's focus on woman expressions and body parts is evidence enough that porn videos are produced to cater men only. But what do these videos cater to? These videos re-establish the male supremacy over the woman.

Sex in porn is often portrayed as a suitable punishment for the promiscuous woman. There exist videos in which sexual acts are forcefully performed over women and children. Somehow the abuse of women becomes acceptable in order to satisfy a horny man. Modern day porn videos are partly responsible for making it okay to have sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent because she was asking for it or if she does not satisfy the patriarchal notions of a decent or proper lady. Right from the woman's attire to her behaviour, porn culture teaches boys how to treat women and girls how to be those desirable women.

We should all stand against what the today's porn stands for. Most sexual content available online is derogatory, sexist and completely unacceptable. Porn is supposed to be a popular method to learn about sex. But what does it actually teach? I believe in sexual liberty but modern day porn promotes rape culture and patriarchal notions. True sexual liberty can only be achieved if both the sexes are equal in such respect. Next time when you watch any popular or easily available pornographic content, ask yourself does it provide you any emotional satisfaction? Does the treatment of the sexes seem equal to you? It is important to understand that mainstream porn instills values in young boys and girls about what they are lacking and what they are supposed to be, and what they are supposed to be according to these videos are violent sexual predators/victims.

Written by Sanya K. Aitwani
Complicated thinker with a creative streak and perceptive outlook.

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