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SOLI: A Google project of touchless interaction

Technology has already  created incredible changes to the world and this may be yet another milestone. Google visualizes Soli to change interaction with the world without touching things. Google has been inventing astonishing technologies, the latest experiment is from Advanced Technology and Project group (ATAP) in San Francisco, they are creating this fascinating technology on the powerful motion control of our gesture with the smart watch, tablet, the radio, medical equipment and other daily used appliances. ATAP led the main stress on the size of a chip. They preferred to design Soli as small as they can because it can be embedded in any device, so the  chip is  small and expedient.

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Physical touch to any button or switch is replaced by input devices like mouse, keyboard or screen touch display and this is  further replaced by gesture controlling system. The project Soli works on the especial approximation, i.e. Radar system. The frequency of the emitted radiation plays an important role in gesture analysis. It is in the form of the chip where no other rotatory part is involved, it can be embedded inside devices and eradicate the need for a button. The signal gets emitted from the chip and strikes to a movable object or any part of the body through which we act and gets reflected back. And the distance calculated by the difference of incoming and outgoing of the signal is a compact wave signal, through this, we provide a signal process and machine learning technique to detect the gesture. The Soli chip works at 60 GHz radar spectrum and has a refresh rate 10,000 frames per second.

This chip can detect small motion of our hand like, swiping side of the thumb on the index finger will lead to rising or low of a volume, and swiping up and down will be used in scrolling. The thumb and index finger together tapping will judge the pressing of a button.

Ivan Poupyrev said that companies like Leap Motion or Intel already use this gesture technology in camera’s, but this are cumbersome and require additional hardware. So, Google invented this mini chip that can be just embedded inside any device. "It is improbable how simple is radar emitted chip, it has no camera tracking, you may placed soli wherever you want" he said.

Due to soli's compatible size, it can be embedded in any device you want. Soli's gesture technology is a step forward towards a future of touch-less interactions with devices.

Written by Radhika Soni
She believes and she visualizes. Loves to take risks and grab on opportunities, curious about technology.

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