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RED: A symbol of Power, Action, Desire and Passion

The three colors blue, red, yellow are most eminent color from the all, but out of these red is dominant, favorable and lovable, why so? Scientists proved if someone is  wearing red, he or she might show shield of confidence, dominant behavior. It has another symbolic meaning, red is the color of romance- think of a Red Rose. Red is the symbol of confidence – think of the red coat, tie, gown worn by public speakers. The Red color is also associated with dominance – think of who used to grab on the red piece of  cloth while fighting.

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Let us think about the various characteristics  that the Red Colour symbolizes and contributes to:

The Confidence of delivering a severe speech or to answer in an incredible manner. Red gives confidence to those who feel shy and lack a strong will power. Various studies have  proved that wearing red while delivering a speech proved to be more confident than others. Most of the time men use to wear a red tie or coat during the interview or delivering speeches. It signifies the leadership qualities, more determination, and dominance.

The Red color gets more attention than the  others and often symbolizes a strong character. In sports like boxing or TaeKwondo also, it was experimentally proved that team who wears a  red kit  may have 5% more chances of winning than the other blue color team. And it was also proved for other sports like Football and particularly  penalty- shootouts. People wearing  red show the main sense of dominancy, triggering their increased heart rate and testosterone levels  that could raise their performance

It has been revealed that Men show a more sexual inclination  towards women  who wear red clothes.Blushing as we say, again visualizes someone turning red. In an experiment, it was shown that a beautiful lady was asked to wear a blue gown and she sat on the couch, a boy came and sat in the next corner of the couch. And when again the same lady wore a red gown, what astonished scientists saw was that the boy sat very close to her. Hence, Red also associates to sexuality.

Scientists at University of Rochester have stated that "There is a neuro attraction to the red in the human brain, there is no resisting temptation."

Elliote, a Scientist, has also worked  in investigating the color of the rainbow. Although red may hinder performance, blue and green encourage creativity and work for kind of peace. It is also proved, red can be called more confident, dominant, and a symbol of romance because the wavelength of red is greater than other colors, hence, it attracts every eye.

Besides every possible good point of red, there is a disadvantage too. It has been researched and observed that students who appeared in examinations  before watching something red, may be performing  worse than expected, it just makes you feel inferior!

Written by Radhika Soni
She believes and she visualizes. Loves to take risks and grab on opportunities, curious about technology.

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