Friday, 10 June 2016

Politics: The Bane Of Demarcation

Politics and the power associated with it has a huge amount of significance in the modern world. It is not only the form of accepted governance but also the factor which determines the economic, social & all round development of the country in question. With politics, has also come the need for demarcating land onto regions governed by ministries of different countries. Borders are set up, just so the government knows their area of governing. In earlier times, the rulers used to float across the borders with their armies and go on conquering land beyond their regime till personal satisfactions were met. That kind of a society does not exist what we try to believe.

But are those days done and dusted? Are there no more thoughts along those lines?

Well personally I don't think so and I don't think anyone should. It's easy to take a side in this debate as this is what is happening around us. The Russian attack on Ukraine over Crimea which was legally under the rule of Ukraine, the incessant exchanging of land between India & Pakistan, Israel & Palestine, all these point to one fact that nothing much has changed. The feeling of cold war still exists, and at times that feeling develops into action and then Bam! another war. These wars are the same kind of wars Alexander the Great fought till he laid down his sword. The swords and shields have just been replaced by more effective methods of destruction. Well, this aggravated effectiveness can only mean infallible destruction to the community living in and around the area.

But has anyone laid a thought as to why this is happening? It is just because demarcation of regions have created a feeling that those regions in another country are foreign, and the people there could be their foes. If the ethnicity of the particular region is more similar to their country, they tend to lay a claim on the piece of land. This is exactly what has happened between India and Pakistan over the years. Kashmir has been the sole region for which wars were waged between the two countries through 1947, 65 & 71. The Pakistanis laid claim on the land focusing on the treaty which made Kashmir a part of India. They believe the region was annexed with debauchery and fraudulent activities. Since Muslims are the predominant community in the region, their claim is even more substantiated. But the Indians retort with their own facts. Kashmir wanted protection from the insurgent Muslim tribes who were ripping apart the region. It is due to this reason, that Kashmir was handed over to India, so as to use their armed forces to handle this outburst of violence.

So a solution to this? Demarcation can be used, but not so stringently. The people in the land fought over should be given the right to choose their land instead of two parties fighting for the land. The cold war situation should be brought to an end with an amicable solution which takes into account the stand of the locals of the region. Demarcation has unknowingly become a bane because it has become a law, an enforcing law that has meddled with politicians and government's minds for long. If they lose that region their borders will become less. Nobody in power wants that to happen they?

Hence the incessant scuffle in the modern world.

Written by Adishesh Premkumar
An ardent believer in lethargy. An astute follower of all the good things in life.

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