Thursday, 23 June 2016


One of these days I find It difficult to 'Shake it Off'. This ‘It’ is the perennial stress we all love to flaunt and carry. One of the ‘gifts’ of modern lives apart from the bombardment of consumer articles, the rhetoric of achievement and competition is a worry. I cannot remember or even imagine a day of my life without this faithful ‘friend’. I doubt my day if don't have any worries! Do you share this life?

I felt the void that always surrounded me. I had simply chosen to ignore it and sing merrily the life the world wanted me to live. Your pet desires, your inhibitions, your self-image: how much is really yours? I realised that I was not acting as a free agent, everything I had ever wanted was not my own calling. You need a good job, money, home, ideal family for whom? H.L. Mencken’s classified "a rich man as someone who earns $100 dollars more than his wife’s sister’s husband". Zuckerberg is still not rich because he wants more! If we keep on seeking comforts, we will never have them.

You must be now wondering that why am I buzzing so much about happiness? Why all the trouble of studying, working, marrying, bringing up children, happiness, and peace of course.

We need others to tell us ‘ways’ to make ourselves happy. Why don’t you once and for all fix this innate desire of yours? Why cannot you be at peace with yourself all the time? That toy bought when you were 10 or that best-selling novel you so craved for, did you look at it again? What we want the most often gives us least or fickle pleasure after devouring it.

The Dragon Scroll is - Be Grateful. Even if you are pursuing some necessity or a worthwhile goal don't freak out. Believe you will have it. You have been made to think that you are insufficient, incapable, incomplete and imperfect. You can have everything you rightfully need and work for. All you need is a firm conviction and a strong reason for it. The desires for a good job, nice family, comfortable paychecks are often downright selfish. You actually cannot survive if millions are not working for it.

This problem is not individual but collective. Mankind needs to be grateful to all other species and even inanimate ‘things’ like water currents, sun, mountains for having a good time around. It is not uncool to be thankful or realise the bigger picture. Rather, it will fascinate you to your core how wonderful and miraculous a spider web is. Just open your heart and behold a world blissful than your daily and mundane ‘life’. Discover that lost child and make heaven on earth.

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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