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India: Around the country in 7 days

It's the 21st century we say, “A pretty busy century” if I say I’m certainly not wrong. All of us are hovering over to make money. Absolutely no time to spend with our own self. But there comes a time when we suddenly realize that we need a quick break, relax and wander around to admire this beautiful earth. It’s a cliché but wanderlust is irresistible and there is no known antidote and I completely agree.

Most of us have a dream to travel across the globe and witness the beauty of nature and the incredible architectures. Well, in that case, there are few destinations one must surely visit to quench the thirst of traveling and it won’t take a lot of your time merely a week or so.

Firstly, if you are a solo traveller but still want to have some fun then a place amidst the huge mountains named “MANALI” is one amongst the best options. Wrapped in nature's lavishing greenery, towering peaks and soothing weather regarded as one of the popular hill station in India. The fascinating hill station tucked in the Himachal region is an ideal retreat for solo travellers. Yes, you heard it right a place which will not only make you fall for it but also will give a good type of energy when you resume your work after returning.

If experiencing a royal history is your cup of tea, then what better than “JODHPUR” a place in the heart of Rajasthan. This is the place which will make you believe in the ever strong history and the rapidly growing future.

The huge forts built by the great and powerful rulers of the ancient period will make you drool with your eyes popping out. The magnificent carving enlightens up its beauty. This place has a lot to offer. Rajasthan is already famous for its cuisine.

I agree totally, the mouth-watering food it offers is one of the many reasons one should land up here sometime.

If you need some time with your own self, just grab your bag and run to the east of India. “GANGTOK” it is, a serene and calm place away from that chaotic life, you will find the busy streets but still it is far more composing than the city life we live in.

The beautiful little places are perfect sight for a tourist. The enchantment of birds, the pure breeze, the ancient sculptures will make you believe in the beauty of life.

Traveling alone? hardly matters this place will be your best mate, I believe.

The heart of India “Madhya Pradesh” as people say has a beyond beautiful place for you. “Pachmarhi” this picturesque land with greenery all around with the huge and little waterfalls are enough to ease your mood.

No matter what season it is you will always find this place having pleasant ambience perfect for a visitor.

One more option if I had to give then what better than “God’s own country”. Yes, you got it right the place down south the ever attractive “Kerala”.

Surrounded by lush greenery, exotic mountains, lovely landscapes and not forgetting its extraordinary feature the gleaming backwaters.

This place is one of the must visit destination in India. If you truly want to witness the creativity of the Almighty, then Kerala will prove it to you certainly.

So, just take out a little time from your super busy schedule and visit these places. It might not destroy all your tensions but will certainly help you to rejuvenate and start all fresh with a calm and composed mind.

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer,  Amateurly a Writer!

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