Friday, 24 June 2016

Do we already see the Triumph of Donald Trump?

He can't Trump them.Meh…!
Can he Trump them!?
Well..he actually can!

Politics can be a wild goose chase at times. Donald Trump would certainly not have settled for such a thing when he took to the podium and vociferously started his campaign which could possibly lead him to the Oval Office. Politics certainly has different parties on account of their clash in ideals and policies. There is a clash of opinions on accounts of leniency in governance in different fields. So then, you come across a person who has been through both these sets of ideologies. He has an awful lot of money. He has kept both the Democrats and the Republicans happy showering contributions to their campaigns. Till 2009, an ardent Democrat, He decided it was time to switch sides. The move must have been made after a particularly long series of thoughts, the closing ceremony of which would be him replacing Obama. He is, of course brilliant. He is a business giant who fiddles with billions of dollars and also a person who could change the course of governance even from the background. But the thirst for power in him hasn't been quenched yet!

An introduction from a neutral perspective to the Republican candidate for the  Presidency, Donald Trump. The man is a very outspoken individual who is as independent as a person can get. He does not have to worry about the funding for his campaigns, as it is coming from his own pocket. This decision has been one that has been on the verge of happening for years. The wealthy powerful man, behind the scenes, had aired possibilities for standing for Presidency even around 20 years back. He was even about to be placed on the ticket with George H.W. Bush in 1988. Well, it finally happened.He has splurged his money to buy experience and strategy on his side. There have been huge groups of people standing irrevocably against his ideas and slanders. Those groups have their backs against the wall with Donald Trump sweeping the Republican Nomination in spite of the large array of candidates. Now he has just got Hillary Clinton in his cross eyes.

His abuses and blatant insults are well known all over the world. The billionaire presidential prospect has gone through everything from building a wall to prevent Mexicans entry to profiling of American Muslims and also preventing their entry all together in the States.

There is no way a layman would have thought of hearing such a speech from a candidate. But then this is what Trump is. He has his own idea to make America great gain! Keeping aside all this, an important factor to be taken into account is how he has contradicted himself through the course of time. He has been fickle minded oscillating from being totally with expediting American troops to invade Iraq and even Israel and Palestine to being a diplomatic country in such matters.

The views highly conflict, which is not what is desirable of a president. The stance should be a clear one with no turning back. Add fickle mindedness and obscurity to the slander and abuse, the present Republican Nominee has a long way to go before replacing Obama’s shoes, that is of course if he overcomes Hillary.

His campaign has had a fervour that has spurred it on through the innumerable hard scenarios overcoming his possible 16 rivals, while the Republicans themselves consider him as a wand of tarnish. They feel their nominee could ruin their image, even when his self-funded campaign swept districts one by one. Hillary would have surely noticed how his rivals fell away into the abyss in spite of the wide outcry against his political strategies. We can just wait for the big finale!!

Let me end by saying that "We need to take risks to succeed. But ,the magnanimity of the risk has got to be factored in!"

Written by Adishesh Premkumar
An ardent believer in lethargy. An astute follower of all the good things in life.

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