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Dealing with Cancer

The highest cancer rate has been found of 338 people per 100,000 being diagnosed in 2012, Denmark. Europe, Oceania, Northern America, and Asia  have a high rate of cancer in the world. Cells are the building block of body's development, but this cells sometimes have a dark side. The old cells die and the new cells grow, this is the process of life. But when these old cells don't die when they have to and the new cell develops, this generates a trouble. And this trouble arises in the form of tumor.
This tumor can be benign or malignant. Benign tumor are not much dangerous because they cannot invade or spread to other parts of the body but can have killing effect if this tumor comes to your brain. While, malignant is more  dangerous because it spreads speedily and disrupts other parts of the body and is named as Cancer. There are hundred different types of cancer and one of the most common ones being Breast Cancer which occurs in women. Breast Cancer is due to the lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple and change in shape/color complexion of the breast.

Also, one of the most diagnosed  Cancer in Men is Prostate Cancer. It generally occurs in the prostate gland of men and it may cause when there is difficulty in urine secretion. Also, the third common type of cancer is Basal Cell Cancer, it is a type of skin cancer at the basal cell. The symptoms can be a white waxy lump or brown scaly patch on the face or neck.
So here are some ways to deal with Cancer:

Learn As Much As You Can : Having knowledge about your disease from which you are dealing day and night is the best of better. Read as much as you can and then you will know the best way to cure your disease.

Exercise Regularly : Exercising regularly or performing ‘Pranayama'  may heal your disease faster that only medicine can't. Yoga, meditation, exercise plays an important role in dealing with not even cancer but even the smallest of diseases also. It helps in developing the new cells and increase RBC's. It even works to improve our immune system. Exercise should be performed daily.

•Express What You Feel : Expressing yourself makes you feel light-hearted. Express that what you facing for the disease, this lets the doctor treat you or know deeply about your disease. Don't  hide anything or don't feel ashamed of anything, because it's body, it needs medicine to heal again, the body doesn't  know that you are feeling ashamed to express.

Work Out On What You Can : Medicine, doctor, yoga work on their own place but it cures best if you cure yourself because no one can cure you better then you cure yourself on your own. Feel obsessed to be fine again and passionate yourself to get well soon.

Will To Live Long And Fight against the Disease : If you are not willing to live your life, you will never get rid of cancer. You just need to believe in your fate to live the long life and avoid depression or worries as much as you can. Surround yourself with positivity.

Regular Checkup And Regular Meals : Take medicines from  time to time. Let the  doctor check you regularly as it needs. And be careful about your meal, never cut it down.

Written by Radhika Soni
She believes and she visualizes. Loves to take risks and grab on opportunities, curious about technology.

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