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Cooking: 20 safety tips you didn't know

Cooking is not only a work but it’s an art of preparing food and serving it. Preparing food can be done either using heat/fire or without heat. Cooking can be done using various methods like steaming, frying, baking, roasting, grilling and much more. The various method uses a different level of heat and cooking time. Everyone wants to remain fit, for that healthy cooking habit is very important.

So, here are some important safety tips that will keep you away from numerous infections and diseases;

1. Always try to organize food in such a way that it prevents cross contamination.

2. According to the nutritionists, food should not be kept at room temperature i.e. between 40 to 150 Degree Fahrenheit for more than 2 hours as it rapidly multiplies bacteria.

3. Never estimate the preservatives that are present, always read the recipe carefully and measure the ingredients especially preservatives to avoid food poisoning.

4. Always check the manufacturing and expiry date of the packed food before using it.

5. Tie your hair in bun shape if you have long hairs. No one likes hair in food!

6. To avoid infections, always wash your hand before you start to cook and wash your hands simultaneously to keep your hands clean, away from bacteria and dirt.

7. New to cooking? For beginners, chopping, grating, frying and especially deep frying should be done under adult supervision.

8. Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands while cooking.

9. Never heat the oil and water together in the same vessel it can cause injury.

10. Before switching on the grinder check if the lid of the jar is properly and tightly closed.

11. Be careful of steam. Steam is so dangerous that it can burn.

12. Always switch off the flame while not in use.

13. Keep the flame low while cooking to prevent food from burning.

14. Avoid double dipping while cooking, use a new spoon every time you taste.

15. Never open the pressure cooker lid forcefully let it open by itself else you will end up having a messy kitchen.

16. Try not to use aluminium vessel while cooking it's dangerous for health.

17. While cooking never make the noise of utensils while stirring. Try to toss food gently and peacefully.

18. While using buttermilk for cooking vegetables don’t forget to stir it continuously till it boils.

19. Keep your hand away from the flame while cooking. Also, be cautious and aware while using a knife.

20. Never handle the hot vessel with naked hand use a piece of cloth to hold it.

Here are the 20 tips for you to follow while in the kitchen. Enjoy cooking, stay healthy and keep serving tasty food.

Written by Lavika Agarwal
She thinks Success does not come from never making mistakes, but by never making the same mistakes twice.

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