Friday, 17 June 2016

Cannabis: The overlooked potential benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana - The forbidden evil !!!

"Oh my god he is doped!"
The response might be of different emotions from Govt officials of different countries or may I say regions.

People of Colorado Oregon Washington & of course many other countries outside the States would be saying the catchphrase in an indifferent or exuberant tone. At the same time, a Chinese, French or Egyptian official would have it delivered to you in terms of jail time. Why?

Each country has got its own opinion about the subject and rarely matching. Being a neutral protagonist, what I can perceive is that, marijuana as everyone knows, induces inebriation, drowsiness, and dizziness, may be in the smokers. The individual effects, though are dependent on the smoker. This can't be included in the cons section, because if it was so, we have gone by ages since when we should have banned alcohol and cigarettes.

So the other effect is the effect of the smoker on the society.
  1. How does he/she respond to the society around ?
  2. Is he/she violent in social conduct?
  3. More importantly is he/she a threat to anyone's life?
So basically these are the questions to which the clusters of countries in the world have different responses to. It is a plant after all, and the only extra unnecessary stuff a smoker takes in would be the lacing done by their peddler. Marijuana and synthetic drugs have stood far from each other in terms of drug abuse restrictions. The banning of Marijuana in U.S.A earlier can be just traced back to a Police dept. An official who was crazed against "the demonic weed", may I say, without any corroborating evidence. His anti-Marijuana stunts gradually became a bigger voice and grew to become The Uniform State Narcotic Act (1925) and the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics (1930). Cannabis was considered illegal any possession of it or even usage of it for medical purposes was outlawed. Years passed by, and whatever may be the first domino, worldview changed, maybe?

Now in the same regions, where they referred to cannabis as poison, and the fought against this poison, possession of it is considered an offence smaller than a misdemeanour. There needs to be a proper scientific review on the aggressiveness caused by cannabis, without which, its so-called effect on society can't be substantiated. Even taking that factor into account, alcohol is a much stronger drug to induce violence and unethical social conduct. Why hasn't the same laws been meted out to it? Denatured alcohol has killed many over the globe. Lives have been lost more to alcohol abuse, than ever to Marijuana abuse. Congressmen can't just proclaim they can shell out laws for abuse according to their whims and fancies. Since Marijuana even has medical utilities about it, there should be a thought as to why the biased judgement? If it is a concern for the smoker, put a warning. After all, that is what they are doing with cigarettes!

Personally I don't feel declaring a wild frenzy against cannabis is not the way to go, taking into account the relative leniency to tobacco and alcohol use. After all, it doesn't turn you into zombies. Either the government should have a standard norm for all the drugs causing inebriation or expunge the bans imposed like many other countries.

Written by Adishesh Premkumar
An ardent believer in lethargy. An astute follower of all the good things in life.

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