Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Can India handle “MISOGYNY”?

It is like the most difficult thing...When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.
-Salman Khan
NCW comes down hard on Salman Khan, asks him to apologise within 7 days for ‘rape’ remark
-The Indian express

Firstly, NCW (National Commission for Women) is coming off as a 'women's' court and makes it seem like of all the nasty things said and done to women in this country, this one is the worst. The vibe this issue is giving is that of the fact that suddenly we have encountered a star misogynist and it’s unbearable because 'BHAI' said it.

Moreover, it’s strange how we do not look right or left before bashing someone. BUT, THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE DOES NOT NEED BASHING. As soon as he made that comment, the irresponsible man that he is, retracted and showed some guilt over uttering those words. However, it’s just plain surprising how he just won't say sorry, shouldn't take much from him considering his whole 'being human' outlook. If your father has said it and your family knows that you made a remark you shouldn’t have then just say sorry and not “I don't think I should have”. Having said that I believe that in India our idols and film stars along with all other individuals have a certain responsibility of acting or behaving in a certain manner keeping in mind how insensitive we are:
We are insensitive to the point of kicking a man out of our country and over to Pakistan, we are insensitive to the point of not having an insight towards how human psychology works so we look down upon beef- eaters and women who party and dress up, like how dare you live after eating your own choice of meat and wearing your own choice of clothes and saying things honestly and finally how dare you make a mistake and then even end up considering yourself a human?

So, if we know that we are insensitive then let’s just act responsibly which again, mind you, is not accepting the 'wrong'. From me to you, from so-called 'BHAI to KING', know that we are human and we make mistakes and sometimes we don't. The point being - let them be 'human'.

Salman's comment is wrong, as wrong as it can be and if Salim Khan can apologise on behalf of his son then so can the son. But before he does an institution of the country mustn’t threaten the man. He has gotten away with worse and not one of us blinked an eye to that. The man needs to pay for all that he has done and maybe a little for this comment of his. A sorry would suffice.

It is just very annoying how no one said anything about '3 idiots' and their 'balatkaar' humour endeavour. I mean, where is this hypocrisy coming from? In a movie, you laugh and in reality, you're just too damn critical? I wasn't fine with the jokes 3 Idiots gave us which included jokes about our body parts and I am not fine with this remark as well.

This is consistently going against the wrong in the society if I may say so. Media and these sudden 'women lovers' and this sudden wave of 'our women need protection' is good, I won't deny that, but just to keep it real;

CAN YOU PLEASE ACTUALLY MEAN AND SUPPORT YOUR STANCE consistently and not fizz out after this issue is over?

Written by Smita Ganguli
Aspiring cyber journalist but too damn opinionated.

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