Sunday, 12 June 2016

Beat the Heat this Summer

We’ve come back to that time of the unbearable heat where we humans would get roasted under the sun or try to avoid stepping outside. Instead, be cozy in our rooms with our air conditioners running wild. Here are several tips to ace this summer.

1. Avoiding tan is a difficult task for everybody.

There’s no need to fret you can go outside and hang out with your friends with sunscreens, stoles or fedoras, and aviators and avoid getting sunburns.

2. Summer means Drinks to cool our sore throats.

Shop for those lemonades and juicy strawberries from the supermarket. Mix and mash all the fruits in a jar with crushed ice. Voila! your fruit punch is ready.

3. Turn your beverage into a spray mist.

Peppermint tea could also be used not only as your average cuppa but also as a skin soother. As tea contains methanol it has a great cooling effect on the body. Try out this new DIY Summer Deo.

4. Yoga exercises such as Pranayama can help one not only develop a relaxing effect but also cools our body during summers.

By inhaling and exhaling alternately you could achieve a calming effect

5. Escape the heat, drag your friends to cool new destination.

Music festivals are an upcoming event. Go get tickets to any event and enjoy the music and the lighting.

Caution: Always drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Written by Anju Mani

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