Thursday, 23 June 2016

Orlando Attack: An ALARM - Time to WAKE UP!

We proudly call ourselves the one born with the intellectual power, the brainy, the sensible and the list of the adjectives continues, after all, WE ARE THE HUMANS! The only existing creature on earth which can use its brain to the most. Most of us are all well-educated, have a high level of qualifications and are dexterous. We are the ones behind every single technology that has been developed. We are so PROUD of it, aren’t we?

But there’s a certain thing that keeps striking me every time. Are we seriously using are BRAIN the way we should? I’m so sure this might hurt the sentiments of many. You’ll think that “Come on, I’m the one earning millions and I don’t have a brain that’s such ridiculous!”. Well, sorry to disappoint you then, “Dear, brain was never made to make money, it was given so that we could understand things”. And we are deeply failing to do exactly that important part.

The recent attack inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida (The USA), is one of the biggest examples I can give. Lives were dreadfully ended without any mercy or sympathy. 50 people lost their lives in this mass shooting by a single gunman and about 53 people were severely injured. What was their crime? That they were GAY was their biggest mistake? It’s abstruse why brainy people like us are so much uncomfortable with accepting the people the way they are. What’s so wrong with being a homosexual? Does it convert a person into a certain type of alien or so? I believe not! They still remain equally humans. When this deadliest incident took place, where did the brain of that 29-year-old well-educated assailant go? Isn’t it a moment to sit back and think that is he the only one to be blamed or even we are somehow responsible for it?

Yes, when we treat the homosexuals with inferiority, when we reject them to be a part of the society and when we refuse to accept them as our family or friend, aren’t we doing an equivalent thing? Come on it’s a high time now,to understand that this earth provides equal substances for all without any discrimination. Each one on this planet is liberal and each one of us is responsible for our own lives and decisions, no one absolutely, no one has a right to take that away. This attack truly portrayed how immature and horrifying a human can be. It’s too sad to witness the devil side of a human.

Let’s just take out some time and think that-

“Who are we to judge people?”

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer, Amateurly a Writer

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