Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Affimity: An interest based social networking platform for Bloggers

There would be hardly any active internet user who does not visit at least one of his/her social media profile daily. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, all have become an integral part of our lives where we either have friends or follow each other. But many times, the feeds that we get, appears to be irrelevant and even annoying. Here comes the concept of a much needed, new type of social media platform which is interest based, which means you are connected to people and groups of your interest and choice. Affimity, is the new generation of social media platform, especially for bloggers.

The steps to create your profile and making friends, who also are bloggers, are really simple. Then, you can also follow groups of your interest, and get some really relevant and useful posts in your feeds. I am not saying something that I might have heard from someone, somewhere. Here is a link to our profile (click here) on Affimity, with close to 1000 followers attained within a short period of time, the traffic that we receive on our blog posts is more than what we receive from the collective fan base of 8000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Moreover, it feels really great to be connected to fellow bloggers who share the same interests with you. It is always important to receive feedback for your work and when it comes to blogging, it becomes even more important. From the pool of like-minded people who are on the same path and share a common vision, the journey of blogging becomes even more exciting and rewarding. I get super-thrilled to see the level of engagement that our blog posts get on Affimity, when I compare it with the other generic social media platforms.

There are a lot of social media platforms which were designed for a specific audience; LinkedIn being for professionals, Docplexus for Doctors, Kulzy for Marketing folks. There are some other platforms like Niume and 6tribe for bloggers, where a user can start any number of interest groups but eventually, it results in something like Google+ with less active users and engagement, without having a control over quality. You may find Google+ groups having millions of members, but getting even 10 comments on your posts may prove out to be a really impressive target. Using Reddit and abiding by their guidelines, appears to be equally difficult to that of an Engineering entrance examination.

Affimity uses great levels of technology to curate relevant content based on your interests and present in your feeds. At the same time, it is also extremely simple to get started out there. Your blog posts get visibility even to people who are not your followers if it is getting good engagement and ultimately you gain new followers. Having used it for a good amount of time now and also achieving more than the expected results out of it, I would definitely recommend it to all the existing bloggers. You can also download the Affimity App for your iOS or Android device and share your content on the go.

So for the aspiring bloggers or the ones who have recently started, Affimity may turn out to be your best Teacher.

Happy Blogging!

Written by Rohit Jha

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