Friday, 3 June 2016

5 ways to get through your morning without punching someone

As you fumble to switch off the blaring sound your stupid alarm clock makes in the morning, realization dawns upon you like the blazing sun whose only mission is to blind you- it is morning again! You wonder if banging your head like doldrums would be better than this because you are going to have to wake up- again! Something you already did yesterday.

You scramble out of your bed, fumble across your bedroom to find clothes that do not smell anymore and blindly go towards your bathroom only so that you can have your ambrosia- coffee.
Isn’t that the story of all your mornings? Because I know that is how my mornings are.

Since waking up early to return back to the monochromatic, monotonous life is a huge mountain almost no sane human wants to climb, here are some things that help me in the morning which I hope will help you too!

1. Have loads and loads of coffee

Loads of coffee a day keeps the insanity away!

Or, if you don’t like anything related to caffeine, you can have any beverage that will keep you going for the rest of the day without punching someone.

You will need that energy to get through the stupid people you might encounter and the overwhelming incidents that leave you baffled. Eat something along with it too.

2. Do not go back to sleep

As tempting as it sounds, resist the urge of succumbing to your cuddly bed overlord.
It will be hard, yes.

You will feel the bed calling your name and enchanting you towards it, but don’t go back under the covers.

Your mood would be worse than ever and it won’t be difficult to wake up in a pool of your dribble.

3. Distract yourself

If you do not drive yourself to work and feel bored at the bus ride or the cab ride, read the book you’ve been procrastinating or watch episodes of your favourite show on Netflix which will perhaps put you in a better mood.

However, if you drive, then I do not recommend you to distract yourself as it will cause accidents.

4. Random acts of kindness

However grumpy you feel, looking at a stranger feeling better because of something you did will always make your ice cold heart melt into a puddle of happiness.

Smile at the old lady crossing the street; pet the golden retriever that’s goofing around.

Mornings are all about making yourself feel better as the rest of your day is dependent on how good your mornings are.

5. Look at things from the point of view of a pessimist

Think about things worse than mornings- getting attacked by cockroaches, famous songs that make zero sense, cold toast, lukewarm beverages, getting attacked by cockroaches for the second time.

Your morning won’t seem as heart wrenching as you first thought.

If these things do not cheer you up, there are always funny spoof videos on YouTube that make everyone laugh. Remember, like all the things in life, mornings shall pass and you will conquer it like Caesar conquered Ghoul.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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