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5 ways in which Dancing inspires your Mind

Dance is an Art, and one should learn to dance in a manner that they should feel engaged and empowered. It will sound shocking that dance affects minds. But guys it's true, let me tell you how? Effect of dancing on the mind are related to mood and discipline, dance also satisfies one’s mind and also helps in boosting memory and curiosity. It is an excellent form of exercise releasing endorphins in an  increased manner because unlike another physical exercise dance is not only a physical activity but also the music that affects the Mind.

If you have not reached the new goals each day, it will make you feel satisfied that at least you worked hard and will always motivate you. Dancing not only has short terms benefits of mental well-being but also has long term benefits. In fact, Dancers are good at learning new things very quickly or we can say dancing sharpens our brain and increases curiosity towards the new things.

Dancing is also known for its mind-blowing property that is it serves a good antidepressant. It decreases one’s stress whether it could be a physical stress or a professional stress. A tip for you if you are under stress or feeling depressed, shake your body on rocking beats of music and believe me you will feel like you are in heaven I am saying it from my personal experience.

Dancing makes your mind feel relaxed. Dance and mind have an exotic relationship. Dance is of numerous forms and each form affects the mind in different ways. A slow dance can’t release your much endorphin but will help you boost your memory.  Similarly, another form i.e. contemporary form will not only release your endorphins but will help your love hormone to stimulate and make you love things present around yourself.

Nowadays, in fact, dance is used as complementary/alternative medicine suggested by many doctors all over the world. Dance is the only form that requires a person to be physically, mentally and emotionally active, all at the same time.

Here are some facts how dance affects the mind?

1. Dance brings you closer to ‘Self’ : It is the only way that helps you to explore your ‘self’ through movements.

2. Dance broadens your Vision: It has a huge impact on creative part on the mind. It is the only form that lets you bring each and every imagination of yours into reality and live it.

3. Dance helps you control your Mind:  while dancing your brain is in the most conscious state as you listen to music, grasp the rhythm, coordinate that rhythm with movements along with facial expressions. All these processes need to be commanded by your brain.  

4. Dance builds confidence:  connecting with your body and emotional self gives you the much-needed confidence.

5. Dance gives you the peace of mind: When you get irritated and you need to control that anger, just dance for a few minutes and you will feel the change in your mood.

Nobody in this world has extreme happiness. But to be completely or stably happy, a person must get closer to self, find inner peace and have control on the mind. Dance heals the mind and body. Dance satisfies your mind and helps in boosting your memory. And also makes you a quick learner.

Keep Dancing !!!

Written by Lavika Agarwal
Success does not come from never making mistakes, but by never making the same mistakes twice.

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