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15 Tips for Safety in a Swimming pool

Swimming is a well-known sport or an activity that everybody loves to learn. On the other hand, swimming is not only a sport but a good workout to keep one fit and healthy. Swimming is of various styles backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and much more. It also has various physical and mental benefits, for example, it builds muscle strength, it lowers the risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure. Any person from any age group can learn to swim it’s a good habit to remain fit. With all these benefits at the same time, it has some demerits like swimming causes some common injuries like trauma. 

While swimming one should keep the below things in mind:

1. Before going to the pool, one should wet him/her under a shower.

2. While going for the swimming one should check that the water in the pool is not much chlorinated as it can cause various skin problems.

3. Always wear a swimsuit made of nylon fabric before going for into the water.

4. Never go to the pool where the lifeguard is not on the duty, as it could be dangerous to swim alone.

5. Germs and bacteria can grow very quickly on the wet bathing suits so it is said that wearing damp swimwear for a long period of time can cause a  number of infections and rashes in children and adults.

6. Never share your swimwear with others it can also cause infections.

7. Have young children and inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket around water, but do not rely on life jacket alone.

8. Take a shower after swimming under clean water so as to keep skin free from germs, bacteria and also the chemicals present in water.

9. Avoid distraction while swimming as it is said that a small mistake can cause a big injury.

10. Do not swim under the influence of  any drugs even if you are a professional swimmer. Influence of drug can lead to injury while swimming.

11. While swimming keep distance from the wall of the pool as hitting the  wall during swimming can injure you.

12. Children should never be allowed to swim unsupervised by adults anywhere.

13. Do not swim during thunderstorms, immediately exit the water when you hear thunder. Lightning often strikes water and water conducts electricity.

14. Never swim during night, swimming in night time could be dangerous.

15. Keep children of age below 5 years away from water.

So, here are the 15 safety tips for you guys to keep yourself safe while going for swimming. Never forget to keep these things in your mind,enjoy the swimming and  remain fit, and healthy.

Written by Lavika Agarwal
She thinks Success does not come from never making mistakes, but by never making the same mistakes twice. 

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