Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Why Should You Cut-Off From People Occasionally?

Human Beings are social animals, being connected with people and sharing your problems or happiness makes life worth living. One of the most considerable reasons for depression globally is loneliness. But yes, an excess of anything may lead to complications and so let us try to find out why cutting off from people and the world occasionally, may actually be good for you.

We all need that personal space, may it  be in our personal life or a job. It's good when you can discuss things with people and ask for their advice on important matters. But it sometimes turns out to be an interference ranging from big decisions to petty issues. We cannot avoid this issues, but taking out time away from this things and concentrating on something you love doing, turns out to be a great destresser and re-energizes you to come back again in a normal frame of mind.

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It is not necessary that you need to go away to some far places to kill the boredom of monotony. Hobbies and Meditation can act as a great way to calm your mind and flush out the negativity of things which have been bothering you. Burn-outs can happen in all the aspects of our lives, it may be in a relationship, family issues or career. Switching off the recurring thoughts  for some period may give you an altogether new dimension of thinking over the same issues.

In the times of social media, people are virtually connected to everyone they know and also to people whom they don't know. But with the huge penetration of online access, people have now started getting frustrated subconsciously. There have been some reports that excessive use of social media is one of the largest causes for frustration. It started as a means to connect people, but eventually, it is getting converted to a comparison platform.

No one is going to update how much screwed up their life is but definitely want to portray their lives or career as awesome and cool.

People have been planning and doing things with the intention of uploading their status or pictures on Facebook or Instagram. There is nothing wrong in it, but people are not realising the hidden burden of doing things just to show off to other people. It can act as a  means to uplift the mood of people by feeling good about ourselves. But we need to rethink the fact that celebrities are one of the most frustrated and depressed people living under the constant scrutiny of public attention. So, taking out a time when you strictly do not login to any of your social media profiles can be a good way to connect with yourself  and find deeper meanings of life.

In the end, it's the matter of personal choice of how people want to lead their lives. There is no defined format to be happy or successful and this ranges from person to person. But it is important to flush out the existing  rotten things from your brain, to fill it again with some new  and fresh feelings.

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Article by Rohit Jha

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