Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Top 10 Qualities to be a Great Developer

They chant– “It's not a dream, call it PLAN”. It's dawn, they wake up, they dress up. They think, they design. They work, they grind. They hope, they believe. They listen,  they understand. They wear confidence, they make the result and finally they succeed!

But how do they achieve this?

So, here are the 10 key traits to be a great developer:

1. PLAN BIG: This is the 21st century and here, the age of average is over. Here you need extra efforts, extra knowledge, and dedicated goals to compete for developing the world. You cannot succeed in creating your program, your language, your product until you have a clear vision for your dream that you can call it a plan. It needs your innovation ideas to develop that, so the dream must always be big.

2. BE RESILIENT: You may plan or weave your project, but it only works when you work. “Nothing will work unless you do”. A driver can’t reach his destination until he drives his car regularly. It is so clear that regular hustle for your project and being passionate on your plan leads to a great developer.

3. DEVELOP  YOUR  UNIQUE SKILL SET: You may dream big or you may sweat regularly for it, but the question arises,do you attain your position the you are dreaming about? You need a unique skill, you need innovative ideas for your project that will move society forward.

4. BE SMART AND MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: Ambition and ability to self-develop are the smarter ways of development. Knowledge about every field of their project is the seed of any successive product.

5. CURIOSITY + DIGGING: It is good being curious about something. It develops questioning skills and makes the  base strong, every developer should be curious about their project.

6. NETWORKING: A good Network is a virtual key to success. Interaction with others is very important quality for a great developer. Because “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. A Great developer needs a great network.

7. EXPERIENCE: To face big challenges, you must first deal with small ones first. By trying different environment,different techniques, and different methods, your ability to tackle things would be much better.

8. TAKE RISKS: If you are waiting for the right time or for the right opportunity, then you end up waiting till eternity. Opportunity does not come to you, you have to create them. So take the risk because you don’t know what’s next. If you win, you will be happy and if you lose you will be wise.

9. CLEAR SENSE OF DIRECTION: Sometimes we mess up because of our Dilemmas. You must have a clear sense of the  direction so that you visualize your dream. Passion fuels the rocket but vision gives the direction to the destination .

10. BE OPTIMISTIC: Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said: “how could you see a glass which is filled half, by saying it is half empty or by saying it is half filled when it is fully filled – half filled by water and other half filled with air”. For facing different and critical situations, it is important to being optimistic.

Although there might be several other qualities for being a great developer. the above traits are the building blocks to be a Rock-Star performer in other fields as well.

Article by Radhika Soni
She believes and she visualizes. Loves to take risks and grab on opportunities, curious about technology. 
She can be reached at

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