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The real stars behind a movie, not in the front

“The main ingredient of the stardom is rest of the team.”

A movie, especially in Bollywood, is defined by the star cast. People are more hooked up on their favourite celebrities than other major factors involved in the movie making process. What they fail to realize is that a movie comes into existence because of all behind the scenes people.  It takes the hard work and contribution of these unsung heroes, those names you don’t bother to read while the movie ends and credit starts rolling, to make your beloved artist, a successful and widely known megastar.

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A star has its own job. He prepares for his role in the best possible way but the said role requires months of making and polishing. The characters we see on-screen and carry with us for a long time because of the impactful performances are a combined effort of writers, directors, and other creative people. Their vision is what a star portrays and gets his share of appreciation and awards from!

 In every award ceremony, there are so many categories but the main focus of the audience would definitely be on the big ones. Those will steal the show while the other technical ones will never be paid much attention to.

Any influential character requires combined efforts. Amitabh Bachchan’s character in ‘Paa’ captured everyone’s attention and it added another feather in his hat. Indeed, his performance was marvellous and worth praising. It should, however, be noted that his transformation from Big B to Auro required hours of makeup. How he carried it off made all the difference but the initial idea brought that character to life and made it strong enough to be presented on such a big platform.

The industry is ever growing. So many people are associated with it. We fail to remember that there can be a movie without stars but no star will ever become famous without a strong and influential script and n number of workers behind it. It takes a lot of time to climb the ladder of success but the success is short lived if you can’t give one brilliant performance after the other.

Farah Khan’s effort to bring those people on-screen and give them recognition, even if it’s for a few seconds, is worth mentioning. Despite the fact that her movies are more of commercial and not critically acclaimed, she always ends them with a song and her team members performing, a thing which any other director is hardly seen doing.

Critically acclaimed movies should be talked about as well. ‘Margarita With A Straw’, ‘Masaan’ and ‘Titli’ were successful in terms of gaining good reviews from critics all around the world because of their powerfully built and invigorating story lines. It proves that the people behind the screens matter a lot more than the ones we see and like on screen.

A-Listers get their fees and the share of the success of the movie but no such benefit is available to those working behind the curtains. Though we are not demeaning the hard work of the actors but only shedding light on those who are never talked about nor they become the headlines of the papers.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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