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How to not be a FEMINIST?

In a world where the patriarchal system decided what a woman should and shouldn’t do, feminism was a boon to all those women encaptured in the shackles of slavery. Recent times, however, have shown us all how cool it is to not be a feminist.

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Here is a guide on how not be a feminist:

1. Be Anti-Male

If you are a woman who hates the whole idea of a man being your boss- no matter how deserving and qualified he is, think that women are better than men and all men are useless pieces of scum to get what they’ve achieved, then congratulations! You’re not a feminist!

2. Fight only for women rights

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If you think that fighting for men’s rights is something you will not do because you are a “feminist” then think again. A feminist would fight for equal rights for everyone- men, women, and transgenders.

3. Think that all women are innocent

Are they, though? Everything has a dark and bright side; including gender. If you only focus on the bright side of the feminine gender and the dark side of the masculine gender, then you fulfilled your lifelong dream of not being a feminist.

4. Think that the way you dress up correlates to how feminist you are

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If you think that dressing up in a more feminine way is inversely proportional to the level of feminism, then I think that the number of stars is inversely proportional to your IQ points.

5. Shaming other women

If you shame another woman for whatever reason it might be- her body, profession etc, then kudos to you! You aren’t a feminist. Everybody deserves respect- a prostitute, a woman who has undergone plastic surgery, a fashion model! Putting a woman down for her choices will not help you grow as a woman. Disrespecting other women just because you think what they do isn’t ‘right’ is yet another classic symptom of a non-feminist.

Being a feminist or anti-feminism is up to you and your beliefs. Just remember that feminism is equality, it is anti-patriarchal, not anti-men. Don’t confuse yourself between the terms ‘feminist’ and ‘feminazi’.

Misandry irritates, but misogyny kills.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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