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How has YouTube helped budding artists encash their talents?

“If you’re young and talented, it’s like you having wings” 

In 2007, a talent manager discovered a Canadian boy through YouTube and made him a star. Today, we know him as Justin Drew Bieber and, currently, he is touring the world and performing in different countries. This Canadian boy released his fourth album last year and his net worth was recorded to be $220 Million in 2015.

All the fame and money followed him but it was only possible because of the chance he got to showcase the world what he had to offer. A chance, which is not so easy to get.

We often come across these talent programmes but they’re all run by TRP hungry people and they demand more than just talent to give you the recognition. There’s a reason why the contestants are supposed to tell their sob story to the world and make them believe that they need the title a lot more than the other contestants. These television shows earn money but what about the participants?

Founded in 2005 by Paypal employees, YouTube was bought by Google on November 13, 2006. Ever since it came into existence, people have used it as space where they can show the glimpse of their talent to the world and, if they’re lucky and talented enough, earn while living their dream. This chance was not available before and that too on a global platform.

With every passing day, this website is becoming an essential part of our lives which directly benefits the YouTubers.

The key feature of YouTube is its flexibility. Be it a cook, dancer or stand-up comedian, everyone is welcomed here as it does not specialise in one particular thing. Under one name, many versatile performers are available at your disposal. Along with that, you don’t have to share your story to pool in more subscribers to like your videos. It is completely based on the uniqueness and authenticity of your talent.

In addition to that, one does not need to travel to the workplace because it can be wherever they want it to be. They can stay home, get the work done and upload it as per their convenience, without any time limit or pressure from the boss.

Getting first-hand criticism from the viewers is simply cherry to the top. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people are shifting their focus to YouTube in order to achieve recognition and fame.

How one earns money on YouTube has nothing to do with the views or likes one get. It’s a big misconception that a viewer’s like or comment will help the person earn an extra dollar. They earn from the advertisements that are shown before their video. Skipping it means less money.

The famous Indo-Canadian YouTuber, Lilly Singh aka ||superwoman||, spent a whole video in explaining the working on YouTube and how much they earn. Singh’s potential earnings are somewhat close to $3,076,633.

All in all, if you thought that Youtube is simply a means of entertainment without any potential earnings, think again! It goes beyond that. It’s the step towards your dreams.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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