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How can watermill solve the most alarming problem of our planet?

The purest form of water on the planet is air. As far as we talk about the water resources, it is present in abundance in the crust. But when it comes to consuming it, a large part of these resources are in vain because a very little amount of water is used for the consumption even then the humans are not down in wasting the earth’s most precious resource. The water that should be treated like a sustainable product of this nature, we ill treat it severely. The government of different nations around the world tries to minimize it by hitting some huge steps. But still, by every passing day, this problem gets worse and even today there is a very small amount of  water on the earth for the drinking purpose.

Let's draw the attention towards the distribution of water on the planet:

From the total amount of fresh water available, a large proportion is locked in glaciers. From the net amount we are able to consume, there are billions of litres of water that are generated by the atmosphere every single day. All thanks to the natural cycle which contributes a lot in saving millions of life.

Technically speaking, watermill is an atmospheric water collection device that condenses water vapour and purifies it. The mechanism of converting water to air is even more unique. Using an air intake fan, warm air is drawn into the machine and flows towards a cooled coil that condenses the humidity into liquid form. The liquid is then sterilized by ultraviolet rays to kill harmful bacteria. Afterwards, a filtration system is used to eliminate the solid particles from the water and the liquid is held in a storage tank. The quantity of water generated is dependent on the relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding air.

Below are different product components and their characteristics:

Microcomputer board control
Electronic sensor Like-ultraviolet rays, heating apparatus sensors, humidity sensors and ice water sensors.

Energy Conservation
The electronic sensor is installed in water tanks to save electric power. The unit will stop generating water when the sensor will sense that the tank is filled up to the desired level and stop heating or refrigeration when the hot or cold water is reached to the set temperature.

Safety control system and Ease of Use
  1. Child safety lock.
  2. Water leakage detector: When leakage happens, it will cut off the power automatically
  3. Condensing coil: The spray finishing of food grade to prevent metallic pollution and improve the working efficiency of water production.
  4. Silver ion filter screen: It can prevent the harmful bacteria,dust,silt and other floaters from entering the machine.
  5. Ultraviolet sterilization treatment
  6. Ozone germicidal treatment
  7. Water circulation system: It disinfects the storage water periodically and carries out the RO filtration treatment again to ensure the bacteria free water.
  8. Pulley design: The machine is easy to move, you can move it anywhere. 
  9. Choose a removable filter, more convenient for replacement and maintain multistage filtration system.
Where to Use
This machine is used in outdoor areas, parks, gardens, offices, supermarkets, bookstores, automobile shops for the drinking purpose so that the air around could be transformed into potable water

Thus, we can come to the conclusion that Watermill is one of the most important and useful inventions from scientists that can provide us with the life-saving gift of nature i.e. water, alternatively in the most efficient and economical way.

Written by Juhi Kashyap
She is a geek who is constantly curious about the upcoming trends in technology, loves to dig up the web for the latest innovations around the planet. She can be reached at

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